Food Truck Hunting


With a black hole for a stomach, the most important question I ask myself on the daily is, “What do I want to eat today?” The world of food is vast and one of the perks of living in California is, I can pretty much think of any type of food I want to eat and find it. When I moved to Orange County about two years ago, I was on a mission to eat at The Lime Truck after obsessively watching season two of Food Network’s, “The Great Food Truck Race.” Once I ate at The Lime Truck, like an addict, I was on a mission to find more and more food trucks. Maybe it is my love for adventure and my fascination with serendipity, but I often decide that the food I lust for is that from a food truck. Restaurants are stationary and are there whenever you want it. Now where’s the fun in that?

I first decide on a dish I want to eat that a food truck specializes in. Once I decide on that, I have to hope and pray the food truck is out serving food that day. If it’s a Monday, I’m usually out of luck. From Tuesday onwards there are food truck meet-ups, and you can find some at a local brewery after Wednesdays. I created a Twitter account just so I can follow the food trucks as they tweet their location.

Want to jump into the realm of food trucks and let your stomach lead the way? Here are my top five food trucks in Orange County:

The Viking Truck

I had plans to watch the History channel’s “Vikings” series one night, but when I looked at what food trucks were at breweries, it seemed the stars aligned when The Viking Truck was on the list. With menu items named after Norse gods like Odin, a dog with sauerkraut, red cabbage, and bacon; and Loki, a spicy Polish sausage topped with jalepeños, bacon, cheese; and a set of chili cheese tots called Dragon Eggs, who could deny that?

Waffles de Liege

This truck may not be for everyone, but it is for me! It all depends on how particular you are with your waffles. You see, I love waffles so I will take them in all shapes and forms, down to the waffle cone. Waffles de Liege does not feature your typical light and airy Brussels-style waffle that many are used to, they feature a liege style waffle which is a denser, hearty waffle. I like getting the Speculoos special: a liege waffle covered in cookie butter and topped with sliced bananas. You can even order your waffles with ice cream!

Burger Monster

Ah burgers, the heart and soul of America. Now what food list would be complete without a good burger? I love burgers and love when they can be reinvented, but I have grown skeptical with the overpriced burger craze.  Burger Monster got me on board when I spotted the Attack of the Killer Potato on the menu. It consists of hash browns and bacon in a burger! I am a huge fan of hash browns and never thought I could have it in my burger, so they immediately won my heart. Not to mention the monster aspect of the truck. The names range from Chupacabra, a burger with scrambled eggs and chorizo; to the American Werewolf, for those who enjoy a more traditional burger. If you’re looking for an innovative, tasty burger, this truck’s for you!


Behold a truck that features a grim reaper with a scythe in one hand and a garlic bulb in the other, luring you in - not to your death, but an awakening of how good garlic can make your food! If you love garlic, you’ll love this truck. My all time favorite fries hail from this truck: the garlic feta fries. These fries, covered in a garlic sauce and feta cheese, are so simple and hit all the right notes in your mouth. They also feature sliders and a really good version of a Philly cheesesteak!

Belly Bombz

After having so many less than mediocre wings at places like Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop, my idea of wings didn’t hold high standards. When I got my mouth around the spicy, garlic, Parmesan wings from Belly Bombz, it was like having wings for the first time in my life. Every wing I had prior to that point was no longer considered wings to me. They did not deserve that title. Unlike in chain restaurants, these chicken wings are juicy and tender and its skin holds the right amount of crisp. Another must-eat is the oxtail poutine. I had never been interested in oxtail, but one bite of this blew my mind just as the wings had. If a succulent oxtail filled with flavor atop a bed of fries sounds appetizing to you, then Belly Bombz is the next food truck you need to try.

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