The importance of mid-semester roadtrips

The importance of mid-semester roadtrips


Driving up the coast on a Thursday afternoon heading to Santa Barbara I pondered the class I was purposefully skipping the following day. What would I miss? Is this absence going to affect my grade? I couldn’t care less. It was 8 weeks into the semester and I had said fuck it to a few days of class so I could join some friends who were planning on camping at the beach over the weekend.

CSULB Students Come Together In Protest Against Police Brutality


The CSULB Chicano Studies Division organized a police-reform protest and press conference in front of the campus bookstore on Monday, Sept. 12.

Speeches were given by students and special guest, Thomas Mesereau, who once defended the musical artist Michael Jackson. Here is a look at how the grassy knoll transformed into a protest: 

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