UTI = WTF Cycle

By: Lizzy Sunshine

Usually a UTI leads to a yeast infection or vice versa and that’s what makes this cycle suck. So in order to get this UTI=WTF Cycle under control, it is helpful to find the right advice quickly. 

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Double Dragon IV Review

By: Denny Cristales

In a video-game world that is largely made up of ambitious, open-world and highly-realistic projects, it's not every day that a nostalgic, 8-bit sprite from the '80s hijacks the virtual landscape and sneaks its way into modern times.

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Ennovy Bowman: The Woman Who Gets It Done

By: Jahnelle Washington

Marketing manager. Events manager. Program director. Full-time student.These are just some of the jobs Ennovy Bowman holds down at the college radio station, KBeach Radio. Aside from bringing the student body an eclectic and diverse music selection, she is also an assistant manager at the Body Shop, a beauty supply store.

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Behind the Doors of Room 301

By: Diane Vay

When you walk past the wooden patio tables with blue umbrellas or flights of stairs leading to the second floor of the University Student Union (USU), you’ll find the office of Multicultural Affairs in room 301. Once you step in, you might get a chance to meet Christian Lozano-Cuellar, 26, and Jonathan Higgins, 31 — both of them assistant directors.

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The Ins and Outs of Sex in Relationships

By: Grester Celis-Acosta

With Valentine’s Day roaming around, treating that special someone is key to any successful date. Sex might also be one of those gifts that someone might receive on this special day. Sociology professor Nielan Barnes at California State University, Long Beach shares her thoughts about sex on Valentine’s Day and within relationships.

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Overcoming Spina Bifida

By: Monica Gallardo

Hot pink crutches, red lipstick and Spina Bifida. Misty Diaz has used these three unlikely characteristics to establish her name in the world of fitness. The 32-year-old Long Beach resident travels the world, participating in obstacle course races and marathons while motivating others to test their limits.

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Game Changing Chili Recipe

By: William Odis Martin

Some people downplay the craftsmanship that goes into the perfect chili. Some less seasoned chili-aficionados would say, “Chili is chili,” or, “If you tried one, you have tried them all.” I would have to quickly interject and shoot down that lazy blanket statement with, “Well, you haven't tried my chili.”

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