UTI = WTF Cycle



“Help! I need to get this urinary tract infection (UTI) under control.”


Usually a UTI leads to a yeast infection or vice versa and that’s what makes this cycle suck. So in order to get this UTI=WTF Cycle under control, it is helpful to find the right advice quickly. Several health centers are dedicated to this problem and one includes a location where a bunch of sheilas (Aussie term for girls) hang out. Tressa McCullough, a registered nurse, has offered to give DIG readers some savory advice from the Cal State Long Beach Women’s Student Health Center (WSHC).

Is it common for young women to get stuck in the UTI=WTF Cycle?

Unfortunately, McCullough said there is a high volume of young ladies who flock to the WSHC with an issue that may be identified as an urinary tract infection.

Looks like there are too many girls with WTF problems and not all are UTI’s because it turns out in order to know what is causing the irritation, you need to go in because it can be a vaginal WTF problem or even worse STD problem.

McCullough said a lot of triaging of these types of symptoms go on and testing is the only way to determine the exact cause of your discomfort.              

So as you say to yourself  “Forget waiting, I’m burning here and what if basic antibiotics are just not enough; is it really that important to have to wait for the proper diagnoses when handed basic antibiotics for a UTI =WTF symptom?

McCullough said it is important to be sure because it might be something else.

Here is a hypothetical case scenario about Betty Blue who had her urinary sample sent out to get a culture worth waiting for. You see two weeks ago, Blue slept with that cute guy serving green smoothies at SqueezeIt juice joint and therefore used her UTI symptoms as an excuse to get tested because she realized it is better to be treated properly from a funky condition than to spread it around the entire campus. Right?

How is a UTI=WTF treated?  

“After a test result comes back usually the proper antibiotic, or medication is prescribed for each individual case,” McCullough said.

The cut and throat facts of antibiotics come with little buggers that sometimes throw off a woman’s PH balance and therefore cause a “yeast” infection...ugh!

What are some ways women can prevent the UTI=WTF Cycle from happening?  

It is a matter of keeping your shit clean and dry. But not to the point that it strips down your own PH balance by over douching. If you have not heard jokes of cotton granny undies, or Elvis saying that he only likes his women in white cotton...now is the time to put these little gems on and change them often, and yes G’s can cause feces from the backside to creep. Yuck! Also pee after sex! Thats a big one. WIPE from front to back always and wash your hands often.

These are the suggestions in a nutshell from McCullough. She also recommends not waiting because without antibiotics the problem will get worse.

What should be done while taking antibiotics to prevent WTF yeast infections?  

Complete your meds and take probiotics during the use of them: greek yogurt, kefir, goats milk, miso soup, dark chocolate and pickles. These help stimulate the natural juices and enzymes in your yummy tummy so it can function properly.

McCullough said Cranberry juice has its purpose when used on a regular basis, but not medically proven as a quick fix. In fact staying away from caffeine and sugar would work faster. And always drink plenty of water. Yeast infections can catch on quick and when the body has an imbalanced PH, then let it be known that a woman’s vagina is doomed.