20 Songs for Libra Season

By Annika Brandes

The effects of Virgo season were undeniably strong this year, but with the crisp arrival of fall comes the much-needed transition into Libra season! Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra season is all about embracing our Venusian qualities. That means flourishing in the relationship, fashion, and art aspects of our lives.

On a good day, Libras are diplomatic, sensitive, artistic, and charming. But, since Libras are air signs, they can also be indecisive, passive-aggressive, and at times self-absorbed. They try to see both sides of the coin, which can consequently cause them to frequently question themselves and rethink their views. Librans enjoy harmony and seek the middle ground. This harmony also manifests itself in their appearance; inner beauty should also be reflected on the outside.

Networking, flirtation, and balance are the first three words that come to mind this season. Virgo season asked us to buckle down and get back into the grind; Libra is our breezy relief, and encourages us to be social butterflies. Re-download that Tinder app or schedule a date with your friends! You’ll find yourself wanting to tend to these new connections you’re making—just beware of draining your social battery and flaking on your appointments.

These musical artists showcase their beauty through their music. Unwind with that cutie you’ve been flirting with, or just embrace your own inner beauty with our playlist filled with artists from this season!

Check out our Libra Season playlist on Spotify: