Survival Guide to Meeting the Friends

Story by Shyanne Riberal-Norton

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and “cuffing season” coming to a close, your relationships might be taking a more serious turn. It’s shocking, but meeting the friends of your significant other can sometimes be a bigger obstacle than meeting the parents. We never realize how much influence our friends have over us and that kind of closeness is something that can be threatened by the presence of a new boo. We especially want the approval of our significant other’s friends just as much as their parents or siblings.

  1. Do some homework.

    Make sure you get the 411 on these guys before you meet them. Don’t go crazy psycho stalker, but put the feelers out. Look them up on Instagram or ask your bae about them. This is beneficial because when it comes time to meet them, you already have a sense of who they are and get a picture of how to approach them.

  2. Strike up a conversation.

    Just because they are your boo’s main squad doesn’t mean they can’t also be yours. Ask questions about their jobs or their lives. If you feel awkward or at a loss, ask about their friendship with your baeㅡhow they met, things they have in common etc. Maybe some fun embarrassing stories will make their way to the surface to break the ice.

  3. Respect the bromance.

    If you see that they are having a good time bonding or laughing at inside jokes, don’t feel left out or isolated. Remember that these friends have probably known your partner for a longer time and they themselves could feel replaced or threatened by your presence.

  4. Don’t be a fly on the wall.

    At the same time as respecting their friendship with your partner, don’t isolate yourself from the party or the conversation. Being shy sometimes has its quirks, but you are meeting them to see how you will mesh. And if the relationship is getting serious, there’s a chance you will be seeing more of them in the future. So build a good rapport while it’s easy, start the conversation or have some input if it's appropriate to the conversation.

  5. Be yourself.

    It’s easy to be on your best behavior when you want to make a good impression, but in the end, your loyalty isn’t to your partner’s friends, it’s to your partner. Don’t change who you are just so the friends will love you. If they are truly friends with your bae, they’ll support you guys whether you mesh or not.

It’s easy to get caught up in making sure that everyone happily approves, but don’t pull your hair out stressing over it. Your partner likes you, and even if their friends don’t give their blessing, that is all that matters.

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