CSULB Rec Center: The Place for Pick-Up Basketball?

By: Adam Calleja

Not just a traditional gym, CSULB’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center gives the basketball-loving students and alumni an opportunity they won’t find anywhere else in the area. It holds a pick-up basketball scene that is unmatched to any of the local gyms in the city of Long Beach.

With the frequent injuries and knee problems caused by the concrete surface during outdoor pick-up basketball games, it is rare to find an outdoor pickup game. Now almost all pick-up basketball is found indoors in a gym. The most popular spots are gyms such as LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness or perhaps an indoor park gym that opens publicly for a couple hours each day. Although some of these gyms may be reliable, none of them compare to what the “Rec” has to offer.

What immediately stands out and what is most important is the size of the Rec, it contains three full basketball courts. Most gym chains, such as LA and 24 Hour Fitness, only contain one or sometimes two basketball courts. A common issue at these gyms is that one court is often not enough during peak hours of pick-up basketball. Players can show up with the chance of never making it on the court if the gym is too crowded. Whereas, the Rec gives everyone in the crowded gym an opportunity to play.


It’s size also solves the competition issue of the traditional pick-up scene. The Rec always has a court for all levels of competition.

Given the size of the school’s population along including the alumni, having enough people to play is never an issue at the Rec. Usually at other gyms, weekday evenings or weekend mornings seem to be the only hours where basketball players can get a steady amount of competition. But that is rarely a problem at the Rec, where games seem to be played all day everyday.

“It’s hard to find good runs anywhere else.. consistently at least,” says frequent Rec visitor Malik Pittman, “I was in here everyday my first year, probably loved it a little bit too much.”

The Rec is any basketball player’s dream as it presents an opportunity to each of it’s visitors to prove who’s the best on campus. All students are allowed to bring up to two guests in for ten dollars each giving the students a chance to show a friend what they’re blessed to have free access to.

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