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Going into the Drink

Story By: Giovanni Cardenas

Photo by: Trang Le

For some, drinking can be a social activity. For others, drinking can become an addiction. Here's one student's personal account about he overcome an addiction about drinking a lot, where he drinks less and is smart about it. 

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5 Ways To Get It On While Living At Home

By Natalie Rodriguez

As cliché as it sounds, most college students are stuck living at home and that situation makes it hard or even impossible to find ways to be intimate with their partners. No need to spend money on expensive and decent hotels for a couple of hours, or face the last resort of intimacy in a cramped and confined space while having difficulties of what position to do so you can feel some kind of pleasure. 

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The Dog Days Are Over


Many dog owners would say that their dogs provide them with emotional support. Taking that comfor and companionship everywhere is helping some people cope with day-to-day life. Here's one student's story about how an emotional support dog saved her.

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Solitude Is Bliss

There’s something oddly serene about being alone. Suddenly you can sit back and watch the world go on around you without the pressure of commenting on someone’s hair or making polite conversation you don’t really care for. You can find a place to sit, somewhere quiet or somewhere in the middle of it all and just…be.

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