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Creating Change through interACTion

By: Amy Maramba

In my first show for interACT, I played the role of the girlfriend who had been sexually assaulted. As I recited my last few words, “I just don’t know,” I immediately felt the mood of the classroom shift. The audience fell silent. And in that moment, I realized that I was there to serve a bigger purpose than my own.

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What Colors are Glitz and Glamour?

By Daniel Green

Oralia Urias always knew that she wanted to have a career in the theater. As a child, she would perform skits for her family. “I did sports, and I did everything (else), but I kind of quit things,” Urias said. “Theater was the one thing I kept going back to, and I knew it was going to be my career.”She got serious about theater in high school after seeing an improv group from Cerritos College perform at her school. 

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CSULB Theatre Arts Takes Audiences on a Funny, Emotional Adventure through Fantastical Lands in 'She Kills Monsters'

By: Parker Shannon

Slime mages, succubae, doppelgangers and dragons filled the Cal State Long Beach Studio Theater Saturday, Feb. 18, but emotional themes including love, family, friendship and sisterhood made the most lasting impressions during the California Repertory’s brilliant staging of “She Kills Monsters.”

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