A Season for Brewing

Story and photos by Ryan Leuteritz

As the weather becomes cooler and the winds become stronger, fall brings us many changes, especially in the food and drink department. This fall, the breweries in Long Beach have released some impressive fall-themed ales that pair perfectly with the season.

Ballast Point

110 N. Marina Drive, Long Beach


Ballast Point Long Beach is known for its wonderful atmosphere, picturesque waterside views, and, of course, its interesting and expansive beer selection. This fall season, Ballast Point has added two seasonal beers to their menu:

Pumpkin Down is a variation of the brewery’s popular Piper Down Scottish Ale, with the addition of roasted pumpkin and spices. This ale is full-bodied, festive, and sure to delight fans of Ballast Point and fall flavors.  

pumpkin ale ballast point.jpg

Dead Ringer Oktoberfest is a take on an Oktoberfest beer, which is a full-bodied German style beer that is usually reddish in color. This beer contains sweet caramel toffee notes.

Oktoberfest beer ballast point.jpg

Steady Brew

2639 Clark Ave., Long Beach


Steady Brew has one mission: to provide Long Beach with delicious beer that it can be proud of. They brew all of their beer in-house, including their two seasonal selections:

Olbohrturmpumpenheber is a German lager containing only German ingredients that have been fermented for 30 days. The interesting name translates roughly to “oil pump,” which is prominent in Steady Brew’s Long Beach-inspired logo. This beer is smooth and flavorful without overwhelming the pallet.


The Red Ale is a traditional Irish red ale that contains gritty aromatic notes. This ale is slightly darker and full-bodied, which is typical of fall ales.

red ale steady brew.jpg

Rock Bottom

1 Pine Ave., Long Beach


Rock Bottom is a large brewery in downtown Long Beach that holds multiple awards for their creative brews. This fall, they’ve created a fan favorite that is often sold out:

Nitro Autumn Ale is a nitro pumpkin beer containing notes of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Nitro brewed beers are usually less carbonated than normal CO2 beers, making it a very smooth ale.

nitro pumpkin ale rock bottom.jpg

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