Black Mirror: Season 5 is Coming

By Jelina Cortero

Get ready “Black Mirror” fans! Charlie Brooker, creator of the popular Netflix series, has slyly hinted that the release of the fifth season of Black Mirror will be coming very soon. Netflix has yet to confirm an official release date.

Last year, Brooker made the decision not to release a new season and instead made the decision to release the successful interactive film “Bandersnatch.” However, with that decision came its consequences, and the release date for Season 5 was delayed.

The long awaited series is set to air later this year, with new episodes containing its “trademark nihilistic tone and some slightly lighter episodes,” as Charlie Brooker explains to Radio Times.

Since its first season, “Black Mirror” has explored a wide variety of adventures with virtual realities, future technological advancements, and alternate universes. It’s also touched on issues that deal with life, love, and loss, captivating fans in a multitude of a ways. A favorable element in “Black Mirror” is its ability to twist the plots and take dark turns that lead the viewer to mind-blowing conclusions. Therefore, with this new season, the possibilities are unpredictable.

In an interview with Radio Times, Charlie Brooker teased viewers on what to expect in Season 5.

Here are some of the rumors of what you might see in the upcoming season:

  1. Politics and satire

  2. References to previous episodes

  3. A “choose your own ending” episode (non-interactive)

  4. Colin Ritman’s (of “Bandersnatch”) return

It will be exciting to see where Brooker takes our minds and how he’ll incorporate storylines and plots that will keep our eyes glued to the screen. There are also rumors that celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie (Falcon from “Avengers”), and Yahya Abdul-Manteen II (Black Manta from “Aquaman”) will appear in the new season as well.

Brooker has kept us in the dark long enough; the anticipation is dreadful but as long as “Black Mirror” keeps reinventing itself with each episode, Season 5 should be worth the wait!