"Broad City" is Witty, Wacky and Worth the Watch!

By Jelina Cortero

Photo from Comedy Central

Photo from Comedy Central

Season 5 of “Broad City” has kicked off to a great start. The first four episodes have cleverly captured some of today’s societal issues and turned them into hilarious and dramatized bits that had me literally rolling on the floor laughing. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson play themselves on the show as they take on the struggles of living in New York City.

The first episode immediately entertained me as the whole episode is recorded on Ilana’s iPhone. Humorously adding Snapchat stickers and Instagram filters, she festively documents Abbi’s 30th birthday as they adventure through one end of the city to the other.

It’s almost illegal how funny this first episode was, but it also sneakily attacked the issue of phone etiquette. Even through the good times, mishaps, and disasters they encountered, it was claimed to not have happened unless caught on video. They also showed how the malcontent and distress of not having a phone to record or take pictures with made their day dull, and that experiencing something isn’t as satisfying as recording it, which I believe is true with today’s social media-influenced world.

Throughout the next few episodes, you see more comedic genius as they continue to slyly remind viewers of women empowerment, job equality, protesting rights, roommate issues, and even extreme hoarding through skits, jokes, and small messages. The characters are silly and goofy and a reminder of how important it is to have supportive friends and a positive attitude.

Honestly this show should get more credit for its talented writing, lighthearted content, and playful jokes. The fact that the majority of the cast and producers are women is also something I think should be more appreciated. I would definitely put “Broad City” on your watch list.