Catching Zzzs at CSULB

By Adam Calleja

It’s not unusual to catch an exhausted student sound asleep no matter what time of day it is at CSULB. Long nights of studying, lack of rest or long gaps in between classes, the list goes on for reasons students seek sleep on campus. One may even find students trying to catch up on sleep while class is in session. Obviously that’s never accepted by professors, so on such a busy CSULB campus, students must seek areas where they can peacefully and comfortably get their rest. Here's a list of some of the best spots to sleep on campus.

1) The Parking Lots


Surprisingly enough, the parking lots may be the most common area where students sleep. As peak parking hours approach just before noon, cars follow students to their cars in hopes to take their parking spot. But most times those hopes will lead to disappointment as students walk all the way back to their car only to catch up on sleep. Many students come prepared and bring a pillow, blanket and t-shirts or extra blankets to cover the windows for privacy.

2) The USU


For the students not willing to walk all the way back to their cars, try seeking sleep at different lounges in the bottom floor of the USU building. Unfortunately, the lounges may be crowded and loud most times, but the Bayshore Beach room guarantees peace and quiet as it is connected with the art gallery.

Frequent on-campus napper Andrew Rudin says: "It’s just consistently easy to get some rest here. I seem to have at least one big gap every semester and this has been my go to spot for sleep since I’ve been here.”

3) Grassy Areas


As the hot summer days come to an end and the weather starts to cool down, a new option for sleep presents itself. CSULB offers several large grass areas for those that are relaxed by the warm sun and fresh air. Using their backpack or sweatshirt as a pillow, it is not uncommon to come across a student asleep at any grass area on campus.

4) The Library 


The final and maybe most reliable spot on the list is the library. Where most students study and do homework, you can always see a handful of students catching up on their sleep. The second and fourth floor are the quiet study areas so they give the best opportunity for students to find a place to sleep.

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