Coachella Brings The Talent With These Headliners

Story By: Emmanuel Tanap


Coachella is an iconic event that spans three days with a line-up of the world’s most famous artists, making it a memorable event for anyone who attends. With Coachella’s set times being announced recently, it is no wonder why this event is so famous. There is music to suit everyone’s taste!

But what everyone is looking forward to are the headliners that perform on their respective day throughout the weekend. They’re headliners for a reason and each artist has a reputation that precedes them. The real question is, what should you expect of each headliner from each day?



Photo courtesy: Rolling Stones

Photo courtesy: Rolling Stones

As Friday ushers Coachella into its first weekend, it’s no surprise that they would get such a big act to headline that day! Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, will be the performer of the night. Gambino is a hybrid of both a rapper and a R&B artist as his musical talents cover both subjects.You will most likely hear songs like “Redbone,” “Feels Like Summer,” and his number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, “This Is America.”



Photo courtesy: @tame_impala Instagram

Photo courtesy: @tame_impala Instagram

This brings us to Saturday, in which artist, Tame Impala, led by Kevin Parker, will be the highlight artist of the night. Tame Impala is an Australian one-man band that creates psychedelic rock and pop music.

Although Tame Impala has not released any new music since their last album “Currents” and their recent collaboration with Travis Scott in the song “skeleton” in 2015, he is still a force in the music industry. With top hits like “The Less I Know the Better” and “Let It Happen,” fans will be able to listen to a different type of music that may be their next favorite song.

Tame Impala will also be accompanied by other musicians to make the performance one for the books.



Photo courtesy: @arianagrande Instagram

Photo courtesy: @arianagrande Instagram

Last but definitely not least, Ariana Grande will be finishing the weekend strong as she is the last highlight in the lineup. With probably one of the biggest names in the game right now, Ariana Grande is the pinnacle of pop and contemporary R&B.

With her most recent album release “thank u, next,” fans can definitely expect that song to be played, along with other hit songs like “break up with your girlfriend” and “7 rings” and many other classics. This is definitely a do-not-miss moment as fans from all over will crowd around to watch Grande perform.

Given these top hit artists, fans of all types of genres will be able to appreciate that these world-known headliners are performing and the music that they produce is made for everyone to enjoy.

Coachella is an experience like no other and the performances will give an experience that every attendee will not regret.

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