Coffee and the City

Story and photos by Alexa Moreno

Coffee is the lifeblood of most college students. From 8 a.m. classes to late-night study sessions, coffee is there to keep us awake and energized. Luckily, Long Beach is home to a multitude of coffeehouses. However, the sheer number can be overwhelming. Don’t fret! These three coffee shops are the best of the bunch and definitely worth a visit.


Portfolio Coffeehouse

2300 E. Fourth St., Long Beach

One of the most well-known coffee shops near California State University, Long Beach, Portfolio is what every Starbucks tries to be. Its laid-back vibe offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the day that keeps customers and students coming back. Taking up an entire corner on Fourth Street, Portfolio has plenty of tables and seats, making it the perfect place to sip some coffee and grab a bite to eat while working on homework. In addition, its extensive food menu makes Portfolio one of the most satisfying coffeehouses in Long Beach. Take it from me, you’ll definitely want to order the matcha latte and their vegan burrito, but also make sure to try their unique recipes, such as their blended peanut butter mocha and their Mexican chocolate mocha.


Rose Park Roasters

3004 E. Fourth St., Long Beach

Rose Park Roasters, located on Fourth Street just a few blocks away from Retro Row, is a tiny coffee shop that is easily overlooked. From the outside, it looks like a simple coffee shop; however, once inside, it is easy to see why this is such a great place to spend a couple of hours. While seating may be hard to come by, the airy vibe accented with succulents and other leafy plants makes it a coffee-lovers paradise. Their menu offers all the espresso standards like Americano, cappuccino and specialty lattes, but at the highest quality, making it the best coffee shop for the true coffee aficionado. And nowhere else in Long Beach can you buy wholesale bags of coffee beans and have them delivered, by bike no less, to your door. Their must-tries are their sweet latte made with their homemade coconut milk and their avocado toast.


Lord Windsor Coffee

1101 E. Third St., Long Beach

The Urban Outfitters of coffee shops, Lord Windsor is the trendiest-looking coffee shop in Long Beach. With its long wooden tables, checkered black-and-white floor and exposed brick walls, this coffeehouse is a frequent stomping ground for Long Beach locals. Based on looks alone, Lord Windsor is worth a visit; however, don’t discount the awesomeness of their coffee. While their menu may be the sparsest of the three, it has all the drip coffee and espresso classics at the most reasonable prices ($2-$4 a cup). Their open floor plan, vast array of seating and high-speed internet ensure an environment every student can appreciate. Some of their most popular drinks are their classic cappuccino and lattes.

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