DC Comics' Shazam Movie Is a Must-See Film

Story by: Rob Flores

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Shazam proves that DC Comics can compete with the Marvel universe on the big screen.

Yes, Aquaman was a success , however the real question was could it be luck or one hit wonder. Thankfully the company has cranked yet another home run.

This film had a budget of $100 million and according to Box Office Mojo , it has currently has generated over $202.438,013 world-wide.

I will do my best not to give away too much spoilers because this movie is so great that you have to see it for yourself.

Let's start with the cast; what a great upgrade for Zachary Levi to go from playing a members of the Warriors Three in Marvel’s Thor to now being Shazam for the DC Universe. He did a wonderful job acting kid-like throughout the film making us believe that he is a kid who can morph into an adult to fight crime.

Casting the great Dijmon Hounsou ,who portrays an aging wizard who is desperately seeking someone to transfer his powers, proved to be an excellent choice.

There is a tie to a talked about future film regarding a character that has been talked about recently to be played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Why is that important? Shazam is guaranteed to cross paths with him in the near future which would make for an even more awesome sequel.

I wasn’t that big of a fan of the villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, portrayed by Mark Strong, but for the sake of saying he was successful at getting you annoyed by a villain. His character was just a regular human being who had a energy ball shoved in his eye that makes him host to creatures referred to as the seven deadly sins.

I would have preferred if they introduced each one of those creatures separately or had them each poses a different host rather than them claiming they come from one energy ball.

I am confident that if and when there is a Shazam sequel it was be far better than the first just because this film focuses on the fact that Billy (the kid form of Shazam) is barely learning how to use his powers throughout the entire film.

This film has some shades of Billy Madison in the sense that Shazam brings to life the term “being a kid at heart” as his foster brother is his best friend in the film.

There is a cool scene where the wizard [Hounsou] is transferring his powers to Billy and naming the unique power that is being transferred which includes:

  • The Wisdom of Solomon

  • The Strength of Hercules

  • The Stamina of Atlas

  • The Power of Zeus

  • The Courage of Achilles

  • The Speed of Mercury

Just watching that scene makes you think “okay this hero is far better than Superman.”

There is a scene where after Shazam thinks he is invincible; Dr. Thaddeus strikes Shazam making him fly away from impact explaining that only magic can extinguish magic which makes one think that since superman isn’t powered by magic, he doesn’t stand a chance.

This film also does a neat job incorporating foster care in to the plot which is rare to see in a hero film it was a nice touch.

The ending of the film made the cave in which Billy receives his power even more special which you will understand why after watching the film; I am sure they have only scratched the surface of the importance of that location the equivalent of superman’s fortress only made of rock instead of ice.

There is a moment where you feel like you are watching Monsters Inc. or Beetlejuice because a scene incorporating a few doors that lead to some out of this world things.

This scene was important because it finally introduces magic to the DC movie universe.  

One big issue storyline wise with the film is the staff that belongs to the wizard is destroyed which I found to be extremely valuable; after all the wizard says he was the last of the council of wizards which sounds awesome.  

My prediction for a future DC film that could provide a character with just as powerful magic is to finally introduce Zatana to the big screen.

In conclusion, you need to go watch Shazam and destress with some laughter.

Just know that when the credits play over some cool comic illustrations and everyone is leaving; as comic book movie viewer you should anticipate a cool end credit scene so stick around.

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