Deals to Steal

STORY BY: Ashley Olmedo

As college students we’re always looking for a good deal, and regardless of what other people may say there’s nothing wrong with shopping at discounted stores! I rather find a cute outfit for half the price than shop at other fashion retailers and pay full price for a similar outfit. There’s no shame in my game when it comes to shopping at department stores like Ross and TJ Maxx. The best part is they carry name brand items for super low prices! Not only will you find clothes at these stores you’ll also find shoes, purses, skin care products, hair products, along with house appliances & décor. So, what’re you waiting for? Check them out!

Here are the closest department discounters near campus:

Ross Dress for Less is located at the Circle Center: 1990 Ximeno Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815

Ross oh, Ross; I have a love/hate relationship with this store. I’ve probably been shopping at this department store the longest and for as long as I can remember Ross has always had great discounts and good items BUT stores always seem to be cluttered and messy! If you shop here be prepared to dive into their massive selection and really dig in to find the best deals. I like coming to Ross for their shoe and handbag variety. They carry great brands and prices are fairly cheap.

Marshalls (literally across the street from Ross!) 1801 Ximeno Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815

I like to think of Ross and Marshalls as sister stores but Marshalls is the better version. It’s usually a lot cleaner and they carry a similar variety of items. I do think that Marshalls’ prices are a tad higher than Ross but the quality is better.

T.J. Maxx is located in the Lost Altos Market Center at 2150 N Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90815

I find T.J. Maxx to be the sheek one from all three stores. Although in reality Marshalls and T.J. Maxx are actual sister stores T.J. Maxx continues to shine in their overall appearance. Prices are higher but you’ll also find higher quality items. I like coming to T.J. Maxx for their assortment of jewelry; they carry high-quality watches for good prices. Oh! And T.J. Maxx has a website whereas Ross and Marshalls do not.

Happy Shopping!