DIY Fall Banner

Story and Pictures By Gillian Smit

Looking to bring some autumn vibes into your living space? Make this fall banner for under $3! (no, this is not a joke!)



  • 1 paper bag (10 cents at your local grocery store or the campus bookstore!)

  • 2 sheets of 9x12 felt (40 cents a piece at Michaels Craft Stores; I used grey and cream)

  • String (I recommend cotton or jute twine from the dollar store, but you can use any piece of string you have at home)

  • Scissors

  • 1 Paper template sheet (print at home or the campus library; you can create your own or download the one I made here)

  • 1 paper clip


Step 1: Cut out your shapes.  These will serve as your templates for the felt and paper bag.  Note: I made the stems a little thicker than they are on the template to make sure there was enough room to poke a hole and string the twine through.


Step 2: Cut open the paper bag.  Cut along the seams so you have 2 full sheets (the front and back) and gently remove the handles.


Step 3: Assign each template a color.


Step 4: Trace your templates onto the materials.  Note: I used pencil, but if it isn’t showing up your can use a pen or marker.  Try to be creative and strategically turn the templates to get as many as possible out of each sheet.


Step 5: Cut out your shapes (again!)


Step 6: Poke holes in your shapes.  I used a paper clip, but if you have a thick needle, that would work even better!


Step 7: Cut a piece of twine.  I wanted to hang mine on my fireplace, so I measured that and then cut the twine to the right size.


Step 8: String the shapes onto the twine.  Choose a pattern to keep them consistent. Don’t worry about spacing right now--you can adjust that once the banner is hanging.


Step 9: Once all of your shapes are on the twine, knot the ends and hang your banner!