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Top 3 Irish Pubs in Long Beach to Celebrate for St. Patrick’s Day

The famous green beer is making its way again this year. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, landing on a Saturday. Here are the top three Irish pubs that offer good food and drinks:


Murphy’s Pub at the Belmont $

4918 E. 2nd St., (562) 433-6338 http://www.murphyspublongbeach.com/index.html

If you’re looking for a bar to just hang out with a group of friends and enjoy good beer for the celebration, Murphy’s Pub is the place. They are popular for their good selection of beers and great prices. Draft beer starts from $3 to $8, bottles are $5.50, and pitchers are from $14 to $22. Seating is limited, but they have a great balcony view where you can enjoy your food and drinks.


Gallagher’s Pub & Grill $$

2751 E. Broadway, (562) 856-8000 http://www.gallagherslongbeach.com/

This pub screams Irish the minute you walk in, so it’s the perfect place to spend St. Patrick’s Day. Draft beer starts from $5 to $8 and pitchers from $11 to $18. They are scheduled to have live music throughout the day and Irish clogging dancers. There will be bagpipers to entertain throughout the pub and, of course, green beer to go around.


The Auld Dubliner $$


71 S. Pine Ave., (562) 437-8300 http://www.aulddubliner.com/

There’s always a big celebration at The Auld Dubliner on St. Paddy’s Day. It’s such a busy day that waitress Annie Grant said, “you can barely walk in here because it gets so packed.” This famous pub is known for their more than 60 Irish whiskeys and variety of beers such as Guinness. Draft beer ranges from $5 to $8 and bottles from $4.50 to $12. They are expecting a full house, so arrive early.