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Comic books have been around since the 1930s. One of the first comic book heroes was Superman back in Action Comics Issue #1, which released back in June of 1938. Comic books today are one of the most popular sources of entertainment and have expanded to other mediums like movies and video games. While people love watching their favorite super heroes on the big screen, nothing beats reading their original stories from a comic book and seeing the original art of your favorite comic book characters. Long Beach is home to Comic Con, similar to San Diego Comic Con, but at a much smaller scale. Even though comic con comes once a year, Long Beach does have three comic book stores where you can purchase your favorite comic books or collectible items. Each store offers different items and discounts.


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Pulp Fiction

1742 Clark Ave., Long Beach

Perks: Graphic Novels are always on sale

Pulp Fiction is one of two comic books stores that is less than a five minute drive away from Cal State Long Beach. Pulp Fiction has been around for over a decade since the store first opened back in the early 2000s. It’s known for their assortment of graphic novels, which they always have on sale. Pulp Fiction has Marvel and DC Comic graphic novels on sale for 40 percent off all the time. They also have Image and Dark Horse comics at 30 percent off and everything else is 20 percent off. Pulp Fiction also has a small clearance section in the middle of the store, where you can find a great discount on other comic books. Pulp Fiction does not have a large assortment of collectible items, it is practically nonexistent, but what it loses in collectibles it makes up in the abundance of comic books. Pulp Fiction is often seen at Long Beach Comic Con and Los Angeles Comic Con, where it sells graphic novels with the same discount. And for those of you that are not residents to Long Beach, Pulp Fictio also has a second store located in Culver City, which opened back in 2014.


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Amazing Comics & Cards

5555 E. Stearns St. No.102, Long Beach

Perks: Sells a big assortment of collectibles

Amazing Comics & Cards, the second closest comic book store from campus, has been in business since 1989 making it the oldest comic bookstore in Long Beach and it’s by far the largest comic book store on this list When you first walk into the store the first thing you will notice is the walls full of collectible figures. Within that wall there is a large collection of Funko Pops, six-inch collectible figures, action figures and busts, ranging anywhere from comic book characters to television characters and even movie characters. Furthermore, along with the figures, Amazing Comics & Cards do sell a variety of comic books, graphic novels and even cards for card games like Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. While Amazing Comics & Cards does sell comic books and graphic novels, its assortment is smaller than Pulp Fiction.


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Shoreline Comics

419 Shoreline Village Drive N, Long Beach

Perks: You can read comics next to the ocean

The smallest and youngest comic book shop in Long Beach on this list is located at Shoreline Village. Shoreline Comics offers its customers comics books and an abundance of collectible items. The store at times may feel claustrophobic thanks to its small size, but despite it’s petiteness, the store offers something that the others don’t and that's its great scenery. You have the ability to buy a comic book and sit on a bench next to the ocean. Not only that, but there are several restaurants and bars in the area, so you can grab a bite to eat while you read about Batman stopping The Joker for the 100th time. Shoreline Comics is packed to the brim with boxes full with comic books, collectible figure boxes stacked up to the ceiling and several displays showcasing the different superhero and comic books character memorabilia.

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