Halloween: Adult Style

Story by Jaron Cofield

Photo courtesy of SDZC

Photo courtesy of SDZC

For kids, Halloween is one of the best times of the year. You get to dress up as your favorite character and get loads of candy. The magic starts to fade as an adult, until you learn that you can still go trick or treating, but instead of candy, you get shots.

Most cities in Southern California give anyone 21 and up an opportunity around Halloween to throw on a costume and bar hop for free shots. The Gaslamp District in San Diego takes this concept and amps it up.

During the weekend of Halloween, Oct. 26-28, the Gaslamp is crawling with people dressed up in every costume you can think up. Half the fun is walking around just to see what everyone is wearing. The other half is buying tickets to one of the club/bar crawls the Gaslamp host, like the San Diego Zombie Crawl.

Photo courtesy of SDZC

Photo courtesy of SDZC

Here’s how most of them work. You buy your tickets online. It’s up to you which one you choose from. The different crawls get you into different venues. The website shows you which places in the area are supporting which crawl. You’ll need to check in at the designated place on the day you are doing your crawl. There, a host will give you a wristband and map of the surrounding area. The map shows what bar/club is near and the type of discount they are offering. Sometimes it’s a free shot or appetizers. Some clubs offer no cover charge and no waiting in line. Other crawls can have scavenger hunts, and some provide you with a host. With such a variety, you’ll need to choose what’s best for you. But the crawls are not the only excitement.

Find a list of all the events happening in the Gaslamp District here.

Altogether Halloween is not just for kids. If you want to make the most out of your Halloween weekend, here are a few tips that will help you along the way.

  • Don’t go at it alone. There’s nothing more fun than bar hopping with your friends. Get a group together and wear costumes with a theme. That way, it’ll be easier to spot your friends if you get lost in a crowd. There are hundreds of people out and it would be a waste if you spent the whole night looking for everyone.

  • Stay there. There are lots of hotels in and surrounding the Gaslamp district where you can stay at. Some are even involved with the crawls, providing a discounted price. Once your ready to party, all you need to do is go outside and you’re there. No need for a designated driver so everyone can have fun.

  • Don’t stay in one place. Most of the crawls have more than ten different bars/clubs that you can visit. Before you decide to stay at one, look around first. Other places might have their own celebration other than the crawl you are doing, and it could be fun.

  • Get there early. Don’t take too long starting your crawl. Some venues have a time limit on when they let people get in free with the crawl, while others can run out of free shots.

  • Have fun and be safe. This is the one time a year where you can dress anyway you want, and it is encouraged.

Have a happy Halloween!