Happy National French Toast Day!

Story by Zachary Anderson-Yoxsimer

Most Americans and college students in the month of November look forward to family reunions during Thanksgiving break or large consumption of turkey and pie on or around Thanksgiving Day. The biggest national food holiday of the month is National French Toast Day on November 28. I went around Long Beach, with some suggestions, to see the best places to grab some French Toast.

Creme De La Crepe: A classical French restaurant on First Street has the best french toast to offer out of the places I went. The meal itself was well crafted with fruit and chocolate all over the plate. They offered two versions of French Toast: Chocolate French Toast (Special of the Day on Monday) and French Toast Grand Marnier. Both offered an assortment of fruit to add to the sweetness of both meals and made this place an excellent and authentic venue to grab some french toast.

The Local Spot: Just down the street from the campus of CSULB on Pacific Coast Highway, The Local Spot offered a generic french toast on the menu, but a delicious cinnamon flavored french toast made to perfection. Not too much dough, but a lot of heart was made with this meal. French toast here was also rather cheap under $8 (without taxes) and filling. A solid local stop for some french toast.

Crooked Duck: Also located on Pacific Coast Highway, the Crooked Duck offers a special add on their french toast with cinnamon and banana slices which adds to the allure and sweet taste of the french toast overall. This particular plate of french toast was not as overwhelming with the fruit like Creme De La Crepe, but the simplicity of the add ons make this restaurant a go to for National French Toast Day

Be sure to eat some French Toast on Nov. 28 before your holiday shopping.

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