Horror Dates


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the pressure to have a date for the day rises. Some people turn to online dating apps for prospects, but that doesn’t always end too well. Many people, including myself, have had their fair share of online horror dates, and yet, we continue to turn to these apps for a date.  

One of the main issues people have with online dating is the “creepers” that are sometimes unavoidable.

worst-date_rotator copy.jpg

Senior finance major Francisco Varela can relate to that. He was talking to someone he found on the Grindr dating app and was considering going on a date with him.

“We just messaged each other and we did not exchange pictures,” Varela said. “Through messaging he told me that he was muscular built, which attracted me.”

But when Varela met the man in person, he turned out to look like an overweight middle aged man who “looked like a Mexican version of Jack Black.”


Sometimes when you’re on these apps you can get catfished. The term “catfish” means the person’s appearance doesn’t match their picture or description.

Varela still went on the date, even though he wasn’t interested anymore. After the date ended, they went to Varela’s car and kissed a bit.

“I only kissed him because I felt bad for him,” Varela said. “I never texted or called him back.”

Another situation some experience when they use online dating apps is the person sometimes has certain expectations that can be offensive.

Claudia Corona, a senior international studies major, once went on a date where the man felt he deserved sex in return for paying the bill.

The date was not going well, even before the end of the night. Corona said her date talked about himself almost the entire time and even though he did pay for her food, he thought that meant he got something else in return.

When they finished dinner they went back to his car and that was when he made his intentions known.

“He started to touch me and said that I should have sex with him because ‘I payed for your food,’” Corona said. “As I got out of his car, I threw some left-over change at him and stormed off.”


Online dating can be tricky, and if you aren’t careful, you can find yourself in situations like these. But it isn’t all bad.

I got into online dating when, at a mixer that the National Association of Hispanic Journalists hosted, the people I was sitting with started talking about their experiences with dating apps. I started to feel like an outcast because I realized I wasn’t as social as they were. There I was, age 21, and I didn’t even have any dating experience; I was boring.

I figured I wasn’t going to meet anyone traditionally because I’m not very social. I‘m a bit of a bookworm. So the next day I decided to put myself out there and create a profile through the dating app Plenty of Fish.

I began to see the hype of online dating. I was messaging a bunch of guys just to talk to them and see what they wanted from me. Fast forward a year and I’ve had good dates, bad dates, hook-ups, and even an ex-boyfriend.

If you single ladies and gents are looking to online apps for a date this Valentine season, go for it and don’t be afraid to sign up. Just keep in mind the potential creeps and bad dates online dating can bring.