5 Ways To Get It On While Living At Home



As cliché as it sounds, most college students are stuck living at home and that situation makes it hard or even impossible to find ways to be intimate with their partners. No need to spend money on expensive and decent hotels for a couple of hours, or face the last resort of intimacy in a cramped and confined space while having difficulties of what position to do so you can feel some kind of pleasure. No worries ladies and gents! Below, a handy guide on how to be intimate with your partner while living at home with strict, Latino parents like myself or whatever your living situation is.


1. Sneak Out

If you live at home and your partner lives on their own or with roommates, just sneak out. It may seem harder than it sounds, but it isn’t. If you know what part of the floor squeaks as you step, avoid it and go a different route. If you have multiple doors, or a door in your garage that leads you outside use that route to your advantage. Personally, I have snuck out using that strategy countless times and I haven’t been caught, yet. Life is about taking risks, do it!

2. Do It When Everyone is Asleep

It may seem as bad as it sounds, but sneaking your partner or vice versa is risky but it works and you can still get it on and be satisfied. Once your partner is in the clear, all you have to do is turn the TV on for some background noise and try to get a quickie in if your nerves are driving you crazy. I know, a quickie is not the best sex and satisfaction in the world, but hey at least y’all get the job done.


3. If You Have A Garage

You and your partner can attempt to have sex in your garage or your partner’s garage. Come on, I know y’all have an old, worn-out couch lying there somewhere. It is actually quite fun! You can be a little noisy depending on where the garage is located and you can have more time to have your sexcapade. If you do not have a couch, you can use a chair and get creative with different sex positions that you haven’t tried and maybe you’ll like it. No garage? Basements work too!


4. When You’re Home Alone

When you are home alone, is a great opportunity to have your partner come over and vice versa. If you have that luxury like I do, then my friend you’re one lucky person. This will give you more than enough time to do whatever you want and whenever you want to with your partner as long as you know when everyone else will come home. As long as you manage your time right, you’re in the safe zone my friend.


5. Last Resort,“Breaking the Law”: The Car

I know, I know what you all are thinking—the car really? Yes, the car is the least ideal place to have sex, but the whole “breaking the law” makes it feel bad and rebellious. If your car is spacious, use it to your advantage or if your partner’s car is better then go for it. I have been guilty of this crime, sadly, but when you’re in the heat of the moment it’s quite satisfying. To attempt this, you are going to have to find a quiet and dark location, even the parking lot to your or your partner’s apartment complex. The parking lot, works but you run the risk of someone seeing you getting it on as they pass by to their car but if you’re like me and don’t care you’ll keep doing it.

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