Humans of Long Beach

Story by: Savannah Ho

Plenty of students work on campus, and you’ve probably seen some of them in the bookstore or anywhere you can purchase food; however, there are also students who work out of the spotlight to enhance your student life.  Today, we have a chat with Marco, your friendly neighborhood web support student assistant who works in the Academic Technology Services department.

Marco Tran.JPG

Name: Marco

Age: 23
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Westminster, CA

DIG: So you have a job on campus.  What do you do?

Marco: *starts laughing* I work for ATS, academic technology services.  I started back in October 2016 after seeing the job posting on CareerLink.  The bulk of what I do is migrate old legacy HTML websites to a new content management system.  I redesign full websites from the ground up and make sure they meet campus guidelines to make sure everyone can use it.

DIG: What’s your favorite kind of cuisine?

Marco: I like Mexican and Asian food, though I’m not partial to certain cuisines over others.

DIG: Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Marco: I want to be working at a stable programming job for a big company.

DIG: What’s something you believe is unique to you?

Marco: My independence and my willingness to self-learn. Just to go out there and get it.  I can also juggle. I made my own private Maplestory server in middle school. I also drink my guacamole dips when I eat Mexican chips.

DIG: What’s your biggest fear?

Marco: Being powerless.  If someone was choking on something and I didn’t know what to do, I’d hate that.  Kitchen sinks. Thanos.

DIG: What’s your hobby?

Marco: I like to game, listen to music, rock climb and cook my own meals.  Long walks to the fridge are fun too. I also like reading Thought Catalog articles.

DIG: What’s your unpopular opinion?

Marco: I’m a fan of pineapple on pizza.  I don’t think it’s a bad choice.

DIG: What’s your take on Valentine’s Day?

Marco: I feel like they should be going out regardless of whether it’s a holiday.  I just think it’s a way for companies to make money. It’s a good marketing opportunity.

DIG: Where does your passion lie and why?

Marco: My passion lies in food and cooking.  Cooking allows me to be creative and experiment with different ingredients.  I like the creative freedom and it gives me serenity. Everything just smells and looks good.  Sometimes I mess up, but that’s OK since that’s all part of the learning progress. I can see my work develop as I do.  In the end, I can see what I’ve made and eat it.

DIG: What’s been your hardest struggle?

Marco:  I’ve a hard time picking myself up after the end of a relationship.  The recovery period after break ups is tough for me. Going through the emotional turmoil.  Talking is a struggle for me too. I can’t articulate my thoughts well, and it doesn’t help that my thoughts are incohesive.

DIG: What makes you happiest?

Marco: When I cook a successful meal after some experimentation.  Also, when I know I’m being productive and getting shit done.

DIG: How do you to de-stress?

Marco: I like to travel.  Listening to music and taking small hikes also help me to de-stress.  I like to immerse myself in nature.

DIG: If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

Marco: It’s OK to care for other people.  It’s OK to be considerate of other people’s feelings.  There’s a lot of bad in the world that gets emphasized.  I think if people spread positivity more, that’d help to balance it out.  The world’s a shitty place. Don’t make it shittier. Just be nice.

DIG: If you knew the answer was yes, what would you ask?

Marco: I’d ask if everyone can help clean up the environment.  It makes me sad seeing all the plastic in our oceans. Will I ever be happy?

DIG: What’s your favorite color and why?

Marco: Red.  As a kid, my parents did that test where they lay out different items in front of me to see which one I’d pick.  There was a brush with red bristles that caught my eye and ever since that, red has been my preferred color.

DIG: What are you most proud of?

Marco: My drive to learn, especially if I’m interested in something.  Most people don’t bother Googling to do the minimum amount of research for anything.  People expect easy answers, but aren’t willing to put in the work for that whereas I am.