Humans of Long Beach State: Andrew R. Rudin

Story by Savannah Ho


Age: 22
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Rosemead, CA

DIG: Where does your passion lie and why?

Andrew: My passion lies in eSports and gaming. I’ve been playing games and following eSports for a long time and the history, it intrigues me so much. Watching it grow from such a small industry is exciting and I want to help influence a healthy future for this new industry, especially when it is swayed so easily by what game is popular and which company wants in.

DIG: What’s been your hardest struggle?

Andrew: My hardest struggle is dealing with my depression. In my junior year of high school, I had a lot of pressure put on me by my parents and society that it broke me. I didn’t want to conform to such standards because I know it’s possible to succeed without college or a proper education. I kept ditching class[es] and I didn’t come home sometimes because I didn’t want to deal with my parents. When I had to tell them the truth, it hurt so much. My high school had me placed in a mental hospital until I wasn’t a danger to myself or others. In [the hospital], I had a new experience surrounded by people who were also suffering with me. We were forced to say what we couldn’t [do] and understood each other. It helped me realize that new environments and people who are patient with me help me get through my darkest thoughts.

DIG: What makes you happiest?

Andrew: Being in the presence of people who care. Whether we do something or not doesn’t matter to me. We can be in total silence and I couldn’t be happier. After being lonely for so long, it’s easy for me to appreciate the small things in life. Having a comfortable environment is  a lovely thing.

DIG: How do you de-stress?

Andrew: I play video games. Recently, that’s been “Pokemon GO.” I wasn’t privileged with Pokemon games as a kid, so catching and seeing the new Pokemons I’ve never seen before is fun. Raiding and event days with my friends make the game much more fun.

DIG: If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

Andrew: It takes courage to live your own life, so if you’re still here, be proud of that. It’s scary to think it can all just end and that it might be easier to end, but it takes even more courage to live on. To fight for a better life even though it seems so hard now with the potential is still so high, you would go blind trying to look at it, so keep living.

DIG: If you knew the answer was yes, what would you ask?

Andrew: I’d ask if I could land a job at NVIDIA. I don’t want to ask for money because it makes life easy and an easy life is boring. I want to work somewhere that’s comfortable for me in terms of finance. I’d like to work in the marketing section.

DIG: What’s your favorite color and why?

Andrew: Cyan, because it goes really well with black. It’s a cute color on its own, but can also be edgy, depending on the accompanying colors.

DIG: What are you most proud of?

Andrew: I am most proud of my intellect. After my depression, I dove deep into sociology and philosophy to learn how people think and to recognize trends among people. It allows me to understand people more and be patient with them as much as I want people to be patient with me.

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