Kisses and Flicks

Story by Astrid Perez

For those of you with a special person in your life, the first few days of February are filled with anticipation towards the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day. For days you spend countless hours searching for the perfect gift, ordering flowers, watching Youtube videos on how to make the perfect chocolate covered strawberries and planning the most picturesque date night. But before you know it, Valentine’s Day has come and gone and all you’re left with is the 130 likes you got on your Valentine’s Day date night Instagram post, leftover heart-shaped candies and flowers that dried up because you forgot to put them in water.

Don’t let the excitement of love die after the 14. Rather than restricting yourself to one day out of the year for romance, celebrate your relationship all year long. Treating your boyfriend or girlfriend to a special night doesn't always mean you have to spend tons of money. So forget about the expensive bars, restaurants and trips. Instead, gather your favorite snacks, pillows and blankets to enjoy a Netflix date night. With thousands of titles, it's easy to become restless trying to choose a movie.

Lucky for you, here are a few suggestions for your next date.


In this 2004 romantic-comedy, the plot takes on a modern twist when two internet friends plan to meet and reveal each other's identity for the first time at their high school Halloween party. Just like the classic story, the Cinderella in this movie has to leave when the clock strikes midnight. However, rather than losing her shoe, she drops her cell phone leaving Prince Charming a small clue into revealing her identity.


With some of the most well-known songs by The Beatles as its soundtrack and along with stunning visuals, this 2007 movie will take you on a trip to the tumultuous 1970s where, through the turmoils and protests of the Vietnam War, two people find love, hope and friendship.


Get ready for a good laugh with this underrated comedy. Two friends who fall on hard times decide to produce and star in a porno film. They promise that having sex will not affect their friendship, however, their feelings quickly begin to change.


Based on the novel by the same name, this coming-of-age story is about a charming and popular boy who has spent his senior year partying and having fun up until his “perfect” girlfriend breaks up with him. After a wild night out, he meets an introverted girl from school and they begin to fall in love. However, his drinking problems, ex-girlfriend and a looming future threaten his new relationship.


Another coming-of-age story about a teenager who feels like her life is falling apart after her brother begins dating her best friend. She befriends a boy in her class who teaches her that life is not as bad as she thinks.