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Story by Adam Calleja

Photo by Ethan Miller from AFP

Photo by Ethan Miller from AFP

Los Angeles sports fans have felt every emotion possible for their beloved teams throughout the years. From the triumph of victory to the agony of defeat, LA sports fans have experienced the worst and the best. Despite the constant highs and lows, Los Angeles will always be the center of attention in professional sports. The current state of professional sports in LA has proved that when one team falls, another rises.

Weeks may have already past, but Dodger fans are still recovering from one of the most heartbreaking seasons in Los Angeles Dodgers history. Last year, the Dodgers were given the opportunity to seal their seventh World Series Championship in a Hollywood movie-like fashion, but during game 7 the Dodgers fell short, failing to complete a historic season.

This year was set up perfectly as a chance of redemption for the hungry team. Some may argue that they exceeded expectations, but when they ended back to the World Series, the Dodgers fell short against the very talented Boston Red Sox, resulting in two heartbreaking World Series losses in a row. Despite the severe anguish and heartache for now hopeless Dodger fans, the Dodgers are still as relevant as they have ever been in the baseball world, keeping LA at the top.

Both the Rams and Chargers are having stellar seasons as they compete for the top spot in their divisions. The Rams are tied for the best record in the NFL, which is one of the biggest surprises this season. Quarterback Jared Goff has looked extremely promising, solidifying himself as most likely their quarterback of the future. The Chargers are one game away from first place in their division as they prove to be one of the most dangerous teams in the league. Despite very little success in recent year, NFL fans have all eyes on the city of Los Angeles as we approach the end of the season.

No matter who they put on the court, the Los Angeles Lakers continue to always be talked about in the basketball world. That’s just the type of dynasty the team has built and the reputation it has earned. This offseason held arguably the most exciting news in all of sports this year; the Lakers signed the best player in all of basketball, Lebron James. Nearly a month into the season now, the team has shown signs of promise but have also struggled as expected. Regardless of what their record may be, the Lakers are the team everybody will be talking about all season long.

Being the sports powerhouse that LA is will keep the city’s relevance alive and hold it at the top of the sports world.

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