Life After Long Beach

By Roslin Ojeda

“What are your plans after graduation?”

If you’re a graduating senior, this might be the question you have come to dread when you tell those around that you are graduating soon. In a perfect world, you’d go straight into your career field, start making some good money and not have to worry about what comes next.

But let’s get back to reality.

It’s not always easy to put your degree to work right after graduation, and sometimes you just need a break. Not every student may choose the “traditional” path of getting a job within their field. Some may be ready to work, some may want to take a break and travel. If you’re like me, you might just be winging it for the time being because you’re not exactly sure what you want to do.

I asked some graduating students and asked them what their plans are after leaving Long Beach State.

Rebekah Redford.jpg

Rebekah Redford,
music education major

My plan is to go back to work at my local Boys and Girls Club. I don't know if I will be traveling or not, but I would like to. Then, I am coming back in the fall for my single subject credential in music education.


Jonathan Cortez,
Japanese major

After I graduate, I will be moving to Japan in July to be an English assistant language teacher for the JET Program. After I finish my contract with them, I'd like to either go to grad school in Japan and get my teaching credential, or I'll just find another teaching job there and work my way up.


Heidi Tran, health science major

Over the summer, I will continue working as a medical transcriptionist, travel to Vietnam and then start nursing school in the fall.


Marck Parra, journalism major

Honestly, like most post-graduates, the future is still up in the air. My plan is to get an internship for the summer and maybe start there. I’m interning at a non-profit right now and they’re going to do a showcase of all of the work I have written for them thus far, so hopefully something comes of that. My brother also said he’ll try to get me into his job — a Hispanic, Buzzfeed-esque start-up, so that’s an option as well. Also, I think I will be doing some traveling to Texas and Wisconsin to visit some family I haven’t seen in a while, but other than that, I don’t think I’m going to take that long of a break.