"Look Mom I Can Fly": A Commentary on the Pop Culture Documentary

By Jillian Gronnerud

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Celebrities today are arguably more accessible than ever, as social media allows us to follow them on every tour stop, vacation, or night on the town. Nonetheless, fans and even skeptics can be equally enthralled by a well-made documentary that takes a closer look at the most recognizable names in popular culture. 

Often, film is more effective at creating an intimate portrait than social media could ever hope to be. Travis Scott proves this fact as he makes his work – and himself – more vulnerable to viewers than ever before. With the release of his documentary “Look Mom I Can Fly,” Travis Scott offers a fresher perspective on his relationships with his family, his music, and the music industry—more so than many fans have ever seen. 

Released on August 28 and available to stream on Netflix, the documentary chronicles the production and touring of his 2018 album, “ASTROWORLD.'“ It takes plenty of time to highlight the massive growth of his fanbase and his career, both of which are tied deeply to his roots in Houston, Texas. 

”Look Mom I Can Fly” truly lays the groundwork for viewers to understand the passion and dedication that Travis pours into everything he does, both as a musician and as a family member. 

The film echoes back to his childhood, spliced with home-video footage and telling shots of a young Travis entertaining his friends and family. It includes footage from the “ASTROWORLD” tour, precious family moments like his daughter Stormi’s first birthday party, and emotional moments following the Grammys ceremony in 2018. 

Social media at its best offers a disparate picture of moments in someone’s life. Film can create a narrative and string these moments together in order to create something more powerful that will resonate with audiences. 

”Look Mom I Can Fly” does just that, as viewers get the chance to see the man behind the headlines in a new light. If you’re a fan of Travis Scott or hip-hop  – and even if you’re not – this documentary is worth watching for its new, creative portrayal of one of the biggest names in hip-hop today. 

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