Mind Your Health


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Whether you are on your first semester or your last, the stress of projects, homework, actual work, friendships, relationships and life can be a lot. How does one manage to keep up with all of it? Workout? Meditate? Cry?

As a senior, I know it’s tough staying motivated but here are some tips from students on how they stay motivated to keep on track with their goals.

Jake Ponce, Senior, Healthcare Administration

“I practice meditation for at least 10 minutes a day. A helpful app I use is Simple Habit. It brings me clarity and a sense of gratitude in life. The progress I’m making now keeps me motivated to attain my goals.”

Jennifer Cervantes, Junior, Psychology

“I go somewhere by myself and take time to breathe because school can be so stressful and half of the time, you just don’t feel motivated to do anything so I try to have alone time for myself. A bad exam or a bad assignment doesn’t mean the end of the world.”

Eddie Infante, Junior, Public Relations

“I treat myself as an incentive to keep working. For example, this week I had a lot of reading to do from all my classes and I told myself that if I finished it all by Friday, I would be able to go to the museum with my friend that day. The reward doesn’t have to be super elaborate just something stress-free.”

If you feel stressed or like you aren’t getting anything done because you are glued to your bed, another tip is to change your environment. By being in a different place, you allow yourself to think clearly and get stuff done. It’ll help you be productive no matter what so when you get what you need to done, home can be your place of ~peace.