Mo' Screen, Mo' Problems

By Marck Parra

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It’s 2018 and everything seems to be getting more and more expensive. Gas prices are getting out of hand, tuition is through the roof and now even the latest smartphones will run you a thousand dollars or more to get your hands on one.

But unlike gas and tuition, the latest smartphones are packed with the newest technology around and host a plethora of new innovations.

Apple’s new behemoth of a phone, for example, the iPhone XS Max is loaded with Apple’s best and most premium features. The company shelled out everything in its arsenal and added it to its latest phone.

Photo from iPhone’s Official Stock Wallpapers

Photo from iPhone’s Official Stock Wallpapers

Its name may not have a nice ring to it but it is packing the biggest display ever seen on an iPhone; 6.5 inches of sweet, Super Retina display goodness. The going rate for the base model? Eleven hundred dollars. If you want the one with the most memory, it’ll run you a cool $1,499.

As innovative and as beautiful as these phones are, the price increase is just not for everyone. That sum may not sound like too steep of a price for a well-off business man, or anyone with a stable well-paying job, but for a typical college student that new premium will really take a toll on the already-frail wallet.

For context, a financially deprived college student can get a used car for that sum of money, or bus fare for a whole year.

The thing is, in Apple’s case, people are willing to go the extra mile and pay an “Apple tax” to their latest flagship phone, and a typical college student is no different.

Journalism major Bryan Aparicio agrees and says the Apple premium is very much a thing.

“An iPhone should never be that expensive, but we as consumers allow it to be,” Aparicio said. “People love to have the flashiest things so whether it’s worth it or not, we’re going to buy it regardless of price.”

The thought of flexing on your fellow classmates and online to your friends is too good to pass up, even if your current phone is in great shape and fully functional.  

We’re living in a society of social media stunting and appearance. If you have the latest phone (especially the latest iPhone), you give this aura of superiority and high value.

Don’t get me wrong; the new phones are amazing (the cameras on these things are spectacular in every sense of the word) but it still is, and probably will always be, a want instead of a need. If your current phone is working fine, there’s no reason to have to get an upgrade for the latest phone -- and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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