My First Love: How I Learned to Find Happiness



A ray of light beamed onto the soft blue couch in the living room and the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filled the air. “Michelle get in here now,” I faintly heard my mother say over my loud sigh of exhaustion from being at school all day. Instead of heading to the kitchen for a glass of water, I headed towards the sound of her commanding voice. Her room was evenly lit; she was sitting up on her queen-sized bed staring at me with a huge smile plastered across her face. “Well,” she said still smiling at me, “well what?” I said back. “Look on the floor,” I stared and did not see anything except dirty socks. Then something crawled out from under her bed, He came towards me, staring at me with his big beautiful eyes. “Oh my gosh,” I screamed with excitement, it was a Doberman pinscher. He had a black coat with dark brown spots all around his body and two little smudges on his face that made him look like he had eyebrows. We settled on the name Davinci.

Since I never owned a dog before, I spent every waking moment with him. He made my life as a thirteen-year-old exciting and unpredictable, this dog taught me how to love, I did not feel alone anymore. Davinci also taught me responsibility, having a first pet is great deal of work. I quickly learned how to manage my time so I could feed and walk him two times a day. Everyday before I left to school, I would hug him and tell him how much I loved him.  

A month passed by, I was sitting on my bed when suddenly, I heard bloodcurdling screams outside. I panicked and rushed to the door, my brother was crying hysterically. I looked down and saw Davinci laying motionless on the ground. “What happened?” I screamed at my brother, and he told me that while he was walking him, a car hit him. After that, everything felt like a dream, I only remember hearing my own screams burst through my eardrums. My mother and sister ran out and we rushed to the animal hospital.

 When we got there, the veterinarian took him from my sisters shaking arms, he stared at him and shook his head. Moments later, the doctor came out and told us that Davinci had passed away. I felt a terrible pain my chest, I remember at that moment I was numb, everything was clouded, like I was flailing helplessly in quicksand. The drive home was painful, everyone sat in silence, there were no words to fill the void in our hearts. Even though his body was lifeless, my sister held him on his last car ride with the family. We buried him and for the next month I felt miserable. I did not speak to anyone; I was hurting inside.

I only had him for a month but it felt like a lifetime, I loved this dog and he was gone. Another month passed by, I was sitting on the kitchen floor next to Davinci’s bowl crying my eyes out and I heard a honk outside. I come out and my mom is holding the weirdest little thing, a small three pound Chihuahua. I was not ready and I remember being so angry at my mother because I was not emotionally ready for another dog. Over time I grew to love him, he mended my broken heart, eight years later and he’s still my best friend. Throughout the next years I rescued Eevee, Buddy and Seven, I do not know the reason why Davinci had to die so soon but I now have four amazing dogs. Davinci is the reason why I have a great love for dogs. In that one month that he was mine, he showed me the one thing the world needs right now: love.

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