National Beach Day Kicks Off Beach Volleyball Season

By Tatiana Tarrio

Beach volleyball season epically kicked off Aug. 30 with their annual National Beach Day. The event brought together families, athletes, and staff from across the community. Music blared and kids prepared for the beach volleyball clinic about to begin. The clinic provided kids a fun beach day as well as exposure to the sport. 

“We’ve been involved with the Long Beach Division of the United States Youth Volleyball League, which is played on grass, and we thought we would expose them to some beach volleyball,” said Rob Milburn, a father participating in the event. 

Kristian Kuld, assistant coach of Long Beach State’s women’s beach volleyball team, lead the clinic along with three student-athletes. Kids practiced the fundamentals of volleyball—skills like passing, good technique, and serving. It was an amazing sight to see the community and school come together in a game of beach volleyball. The student-athletes helped kids with their form by sharing tips and tricks to use in future games. 

“I’m looking forward to helping people in the community and just give back because I think that’s really important,” said Savannah Lyons, freshman split blocker for the beach volleyball team. “I’m also excited to meet a couple of kids and help them out with volleyball.”

The event was attended by elementary to middle school kids, and the clinic ended with a scrimmage, allowing them to apply all they had learned to an actual game. 

“My favorite part was doing the scrimmage and bumping back and forth,” said nine-year-old Avery Milburn. “I learned serving the most and how to put my hand up and hit it. After this, I think I’m going to do beach volleyball.”

The event not only exposed the community to beach volleyball, but also to the Shark Lab, which exhibited shark fossils for the community to see hands-on. The event was an exciting kickoff to the beach volleyball season, with their first game on Thursday. 

“Today was a great reminder to all of us that we are one big community,” said Kristian Kuld, assistant coach of the women’s beach volleyball team. “The ability to combine sport, education, and a beautiful day at the beach is one of the many reasons we love the city and the causes we strive for together.”

Two of the kids who participated in the volleyball clinic pictured along with student-athletes who helped lead the clinic.

Two of the kids who participated in the volleyball clinic pictured along with student-athletes who helped lead the clinic.