Nature Is Calling


L.A. smog and dealing with the 405 traffic can get the best of us. Want to escape it all for a few hours? Turn off your phone and go off the grid!

Here are some hidden gems near Long Beach:

Turnbull Canyon — Turnbull Canyon Road, Whittier

The Turnbull Canyon Trail is a 4.7 mile loop, with a 731 feet incline. The intense trek up the canyon is well worth the view at the summit: a view of everything from Malibu, all the way to Orange County. The trailhead is located in a neighborhood with minimal parking, so plan for some extra walking.

Klondike and Portuguese Canyon — 19-99 Burrell Ln, Rancho Palos Verde

If you’re looking for remarkable ocean views, this is the place. With a 5.7 mile loop offering several trails, you can find a route to fit your level of difficulty. It’s a 1,115 feet incline to the summit with little to no shade, so make sure to bring plenty of water. Although it’s close to the ocean, the trail doesn’t go down to the beach.

White Point Trail — 1600 W Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro

This trail is 1.5 miles and relatively flat. It’s in a neighborhood, but parking usually isn’t a problem. The trail sits on a bluff, overlooking the ocean, which makes it the perfect place to watch a spectacular sunset. Walk down the path and you’ll have the ocean on one side, and  hills on the other, which might make it hard to believe you’re anywhere near L.A.

Car Wreck Trail — 2829 Awma Road, Aliso Viejo Canyon

Take a trip back to the 1960s. Cars from a mysterious accident line this half-mile path. The entire loop is 7.5 miles with over 800 feet in elevation. But if you just want to see the Car Wreck Trail, start at the trailhead on Alta Laguna Boulevard, which is half a mile away. The end of the Car Wreck path leads to a fork for the Mathis Canyon and Dipping Cave routes.

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