Netflix "Queer Eye" Season 3 Review

By Maria Martinez

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“Queer Eye” Season 3 starts off with The Fab Five: Karamo (culture), Jonathan (grooming), Tan (style), Antoni (food), and Bobby (design) moving from Georgia to Missouri to spread their makeover magic. The season opens with a montage of the guys “road-tripping” to their new home in Kansas City, Missouri, being greeted by waves from the locals as they arrive.

This season, the guys interact with more female nominees than in the last two seasons. French bulldog Bruley, who lives with the Fab Five’s neighbor at their new loft, is an important addition to the crew. If you loved seasons 1 and 2 from last year, then you will, without a doubt, love season 3.

As always, emotions run high, especially episode two. SPOILER ALERT We meet 47-year-old Joey Green, who’s a director of a summer camp for kids and lives out of a crummy RV. Greene didn’t regularly shower, cut his hair, or even cook himself meals. Without giving too much away, let’s just say this episode is worth the watch.

The Emmy-winning show has become so much more than offering haircuts and makeovers; it also provides therapy, physically and mentally. In season 3, the Fab Five focused less aggressively on trying to shift an angle and just went with the flow throughout the one hour episodes. I also noticed they stray away from social or political issues, with the exception of the first episode between Tan and the hunter Jody, who both agree there needs to be stricter gun laws.

Nonetheless, it’s all about self-love, building confidence, and helping people recognize why they’re loved by their friends, family, community, and of course, the Fab Five. It’s like watching a friend become a better version of themselves with just a little help.

This perfect group clearly works: They’re all charming, handsome, and kind as always. “Queer Eye” is necessary TV to watch in 2019, so do yourself a favor and binge watch all three seasons.

Netflix has yet to confirm a fourth season, but they have confirmed an upcoming special, “Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!” I can imagine the guys roaming the streets of Japan already. Can’t wait!