New Year, New Games


This year in gaming has started out with a bang. Several major titles and anticipated video games have dropped over the first two months. All of which have been hurting our wallets, but definitely has rejuvenated our gaming souls after the debacles that were Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 at the year of last year. Here are the titles that everyone should consider getting their hands on.

1. Monster Hunter World (Jan. 26): Developer Capcom, finally released their most anticipated game in recent memory and have delivered on many levels. Being the first Monster Hunter game coming to home consoles, there was not only a lot of hype, but some nervousness on whether the game would succeed. Luckily, Monster Hunter World was perfect and now fans and new comers are enjoying the hunt.

2. Dragon Ball FighterZ (Jan. 26): One of the most highly anticipated fighting games in recent memory dropped late January to surrounding appraisal by fans and critics. Being a 2D Dragon Ball fighting game, fans of both Dragon Ball and fighting games were excited. The game on all accounts has delivered with the animations being strictly taken from the source material, this game was created with care. The game however, has had a drop in players on PC since its debut, but despite that Dragon Ball FighterZ is beautiful game with great fighting mechanics that are both easy to get into and hard to master.

3. Shadow of the Colossus Remaster (PS4 Exclusive, Feb. 6): A 13-year-old game, finally received the remastering treatment and whoa is it gorgeous. Originally released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, Shadow of the Colossus comes to a new generation of gamers dropping on PlayStation 4 consoles early in February. The game has received a major graphical upgrade where gamers can enjoy the video game in high-definition. New secrets have also been added for gamers to discover. Overall, it is practically the same game besides the visual upgrade, new secrets and better controls.

4. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Mobile, Feb. 9): A stripped down version of the console version of Final Fantasy XV, this mobile version brings the story and gameplay into a nice litter package for your iPhone or Android device. The games graphics have been changed to show the characters into a more cartoonish look/chibi-style, while the gameplay has roughly stayed the same. Fans will also be happy to find that the voice acting, and music are still the same from the console versions. The game however, does require over a gigabyte of space to be installed, but if you got room why not. The first chapter is free, with the rest costing $0.99 for chapters two and three, while the rest up cost $3.99 each. There are up to 10 chapters total, but fans can purchase the game in full for $19.99.

5. Bayonetta 1 & 2 (Switch, Feb. 16): Bayonetta makes its way to Nintendo’s new shiny console the Nintendo Switch. Fans of Bayonetta can enjoy the game on the go and no longer be hunkered down at home on the Wii U. Bayonetta is a traditional hack and slash game where players take control of the protagonist Bayonetta as she fights demons one bullet at a time. The game has received praise in the past from both fans and critics and can now be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch.