By: Brooke Torrez

I hope when your eyes finally closed

you remembered the ones you loved most

I know it was hard when strangers

were crowding you, asking, “Do you know who I am?”

Still, your heart was pure

and you responded, “No, pero te ves como una buena persona.”

You didn’t understand why no one came

and when they did why they were crying,

but you couldn’t see the desolate look on your face

and your lifeless eyes that made us look the other way

At times you had the semblance of life in you

You would laugh and ask, “¿Y Raúl, a dónde fue?”

We hoped a shrug of our shoulders was enough

or “Creo que Raúl fue a Cuba,” would clear things up

For forty years he was your one and only

Your one and only you met back in Havana

Your one and only you had to say goodbye to

in the black dress with red roses he’d given to you

While we realized time is never our friend

and gone when we need it,

I hope when your eyes finally closed,

you saw the ones who loved you most

and I hope Raúl was waiting for you on the Cuban coast.