Pet Sematary Should Have Stayed Dead

Story by Caitlin Trebil

pet sematary poster.jpg


Every year you can count on at least one remake of a classic movie. Some are flops like 2018’s “Overboard,” and some are reborn, making a classic even better. After the hit success of 2017’s “It,” the Stephen King universe had the potential to update its classic tales. With an enticing trailer, it seemed that “Pet Sematary” had a chance to get even creepier.

In the original “Pet Sematary,” Louis, his wife, and his two small children moved to Ludlow, Maine. In the backyard of their new house, they found a pet cemetery where the town’s children would bury their pets. However, there was an evil that lingered beyond the cemetery: an ancient burial ground that brought the dead back to life. After losing his son, Louis goes to extreme measures to bring him back; however, he learns an important lesson that you shouldn’t mess with the dead.

While the 2019’s “Pet Sematary” storyline stayed true to the original plot, it did change some key points. In this movie, Gage, the son, wasn’t killed. Instead it was his older sister, Ellie, who was hit by the semi-truck and brought back to life. Although this seems like a harmless change, it really did ruin the story. Evil kids are creepy enough, especially with the 1989’s “Pet Sematary” Gage in a top hat and cane killing his mother. But now, Ellie was quite conscious and aware of what she was doing.  

Another change, which can make or break a movie’s success, was the ending. The whole premise of the “Pet Sematary” story was to learn to leave the dead...well...dead. The 2019 version of “Pet Sematary” turned a blind eye to that idea. Instead, they decided to make it a habit of murdering everyone in the Creed family and bringing them back to life. Perhaps leading to a “Pet Sematary 2”?

It turns out that the remake was not the most successful Stephen King adaptation. If you’re not entirely familiar with “Pet Sematary,” the movie would be a decent horror movie. But for King and “Pet Sematary” fans alike, it didn’t live up to the hype.

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