Review: "Operation Finale" is Worth a Watch

By Jarrod Castillo

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Photo courtesy of IMDb

During the Second World War, the world bore witness to an atrocity like no other. Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich murdered more than 10 million “undesirables” with six million of them being European Jews.

Called the “Final Solution,” this act saw millions upon millions of innocent Jews sent to concentration camps throughout Europe in an effort to eradicate them from the face of the Earth. The mastermind behind this solution? Adolf Eichmann.

After the war, Eichmann fled to Argentina in an attempt to escape the atrocities he had committed. He lived in relative comfort until in the early parts of 60’s.

Enter Operation Finale. A group of top-secret Israeli Mossad agents led by Peter Malkin, who is played by Oscar Isaac, traveled to Buenos Aires in order to capture and transport Eichmann, played by Ben Kingsley, back to Israel where he was to stand trial for his crimes.

Directed by Chris Weitz, who co-wrote movies such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Operation Finale is billed as a historical thriller with a “cat-and-mouse” dynamic. While there were some instances where the tension was palpable, especially in the third act, there were other moments which were just headscratchers.

Throughout the movie, Malkin was meant to serve as comedic relief but made jokes that fell flat. It seemed out of place in a movie with such a serious tone and topic. It was as if the movie took cues from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with regards to breaking serious scenes up by inserting comedic moments in a film that could do without them.

That being said, Isaac and Kingsley pull their end of the bargain by providing exceptional acting in the scenes they share together. Couple that with outstanding cinematography and sound design through excellent use of sunlight and colors as well as orchestral music, Operation Finale is a film that is sure to capture the attention of the audience.

In the end, Operation Finale is an enjoyable experience, especially for those interested in this particular section of world history. It is rated PG-13 and it is out now.

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