Review: The Star Brings Out the Tears

By Zachary Anderson-Yoxsimer

Photo by IMDb

Photo by IMDb

After watching this movie during a pre-screening in the Beach Auditorium, I was astonished and in awe at the sheer talent of Lady Gaga. She truly is a star being born (again) by showcasing her skills in Hollywood and showing off her musical genius. Bradley Cooper, making his directorial debut, thrives once again and proves that he can join the list of successful actors with a strong directorial credit to their name.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are a phenomenal pairing whose chemistry on-screen creates raw emotion throughout the film. This is surely a sentence that the audience will read over and over again in different forms simply trying to describe Lady Gaga and Cooper in this film. There are simply no words to describe their performances and the rapport between the two of them.

The film, a two hour and 17 minute journey through the life of Jackson Maine and Ally, has its ups and downs with the plot and sequencing, but the low points of the movie are few and far between. The battle between personal sabotage and individual growth progress the movie along quite nicely as the relationship between Jackson and Ally both blossoms and fades away.

The great added bonus to having Lady Gaga in the cast is the music played throughout the movie is fantastic regardless of who is singing the lyrics. Be mentally prepared for Lady Gaga’s final solo performance in the film as dry eyes were impossible to find when surveying the exiting crowd at the Beach Auditorium.

Overall, this movie is a definite must watch, with scenes to make you laugh and cry your heart out with this heart wrenching love story.

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