Strength Training and Weight Loss Myths



How many of you want to begin exercising and/or dieting, but you don’t where to start? There are so many methods to exercise and diets that it can be overwhelming for some. So here to break down some of these myths is Asia Yates, Operations and Membership Coordinator of the LifeFit Center here at the Beach.



Myth: Diet foods can help you lose weight.

Yates: “Probably not to lose weight cut back on calories just based on your exercise, so you would want to . . .eat real foods because anything that is man-made has a lot of chemicals that are harder for your body to digest, so that would slow down your digestive system, and that will actually prevent you from losing weight. I would recommend eating real food, like a piece of fruit or nuts.”

The answers about high vs. low repetitions.

“Low reps with heavier weight are better for building muscle and burning fat. The more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn. High reps are good endurance training, so your muscles are able to do activities longer, but that’s not going to necessarily build your muscle mass.” What Yates, recommends when starting out: “I would start with endurance training just to get the body used to the specific exercises that you’ll be doing, and then the next month you want to start getting into more strength training where you’re going to be working on your muscle mass and burning fat.”

Myth: For women, strength training will make you look masculine.

“No way a woman can ever look like a man unless she does steroids. Strength training will not make them look masculine, but it will help build muscle mass and burn off fat, and their muscles may be defined but they can never look as bulky as a man.”

Myth: A week or two away from the gym will make you lose your gains.

“You won’t lose most of your gains, but you will probably feel more sore following a workout (after) time off, so you may want to start off with a lighter weight to see where your body is at.” Yates added that it takes about the same amount of time as you took off to get back to where you were

Myth: All calories are equal.

“Making sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet is the most important thing. All the different foods we eat digest differently, so every time you eat a carb your body is going to turn that into sugar in your blood stream, and you’re going to have to find a way to dispose of that sugar. If you are eating carbs get most of them from vegetables and fruit, so it can be quickly digested by your body. Whereas complex (carbs) take a long time for your body to break them down.” Yates mentioned fats are okay to eat just not too much, and protein is good, but try not to have too much of any one thing.