Students Take a Stand Against Animal Torture

By Steve Zavala

CAT profile 1.jpg

There are many organizations and clubs at CSULB that are actively looking to bring change to the community and make a difference in the lives of others. Among them, Cease Animal Torture (CAT) is one organization on campus that personifies what it means to be the change that you want to see in the world. 

CAT is a student-run group on campus that fights for animal rights and seeks to end animal suffering. The group fully advocates against animal exploitation — such as the mistreatment of animals in food factories, or animals being put under harm for the sole purpose of entertainment. Establishing a platform for discussion and debate is a top priority for the group as they aim to teach students not only about animal liberation, but also the importance of animal rights. 

The organization is striving to educate students on the behind-the-scenes work within food industries and corporations. Over the years, many companies in the food industry have come under heavy criticism for their controversial treatment of animals, and CAT is looking to shed light on those that engage in immoral behavior. 

“One of our goals is to increase awareness of where our food comes from,” said CAT member, Gil Ong. “We want to change the view that people have of animals.” 

CAT members are passionate about educating students on animal rights.

CAT members are passionate about educating students on animal rights.

Along with educating and providing students with vital information about animal rights, Cease Animal Torture has also been extensively active in directly engaging with students. The group has held numerous events and open meetings on campus over the past year in an effort to spark the conservation with students about animal rights and provide resources to anyone looking to help. Members of the group have gone the extra mile of teaming up with other organizations that share the same goals in hopes of broadening support for CAT, and encouraging others to join the fight.  

“We do partner with other groups and link with them to give a platform to showcase their work,” Ong said. 

One of those groups is the popular Anonymous for the Voiceless, which also advocates for animal liberation. CAT partnered with Anonymous for the Voiceless in February for a Cube of Truth display held on campus, which sought to bring awareness towards the wrongdoings of animal exploitation. 

After a successful past year, the group has several plans for the rest of this year, including hosting a highly anticipated debate on campus. 

“One project that we are working on is organizing a debate about animal exploitation with several speakers during the fall semester,” Ong said. “We encourage students to come out for it.” 

Cease Animal Torture is always looking for active students to join the group or contribute in organizing events. Key members of the group host a small picnic every month near the Liberal Arts 5 building for students looking to get involved or want to learn more about the organization. CAT provides a multitude of ways to get involved while fighting for a good cause.