Sunday Funday Activity

Story By: Oscar Carranza

Sunday’s are a bit of a drag, they mark the end of the weekend and the start of the next week. Sunday’s aren’t always the best for finding fun events to attend. Fully Fullwood has you covered with Reggae shows every Sunday.

The Fully Fullwood show does not disappoint. Only a five-minute drive from campus on Pacific Coast Highway, the Crystal Ballroom and PCH club make cool venues.

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The ballroom is the bigger of the two. On March 17, The Fully Fullwood hosted Lady Dee’s Birthday party. The ballroom is large with a few ugly tables and seats set up, a corner for vendors, a high ceiling for a great acoustics and a bar right outside its doors.

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The venue was filled by nice JBL speakers that can be heard from the parking lot but not loud enough to make the experience uncomfortable. The bands are all taken care of by a dedicated sound person making sure each member is as balanced as can be. Reggae is one of the genres where each instrument is building upon each other to create the atmosphere and most bands have multiple members. It’s important to hear the subtle upbeat guitars as much as the smooth melodies from the woodwinds and horns as well as the bass drum and bass playing off each other.

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The lighting isn’t anything special, on the night they just turned off all the house lights, with only the stage staying lit. They had the basic rotating color lights and wooden dance floor that everyone is familiar which isn’t bad by any means.

The cool thing about the Fully Fullwood’s shows are their constant line-up changes. Each show features different artist and musicians featuring alongside the bands. Each performance feels unique and each night feel different.

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The events also contribute directly into Reggae for a Reason, a non-profit that helps homeless youth. Fully Fullwood founded the organization in 2011 and has been hosting the events as well as benefit shows and collection drives.

With the venue being so close, Sunday’s just got a lot more fun.  

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