The Senioritis Struggle is Real



CSULB seniors: Are you getting tired of school? Do you wait till 11:58 p.m. to submit online assignments? Are you asking for multiple extensions? Missing class more than usual? If you’ve answered yes to one (or more) of these questions, chances are you may be experiencing Senioritis—you know, one of the many itis’ seniors across college campuses everywhere face in their final semester, causing them to act nonchalantly and mentally checkout when it comes to school. A good portion of Class of 2018 students, including this one (sorry, Robin!), have waited till the very last minute to submit assignments or are using their “Can I get an extension?” card in mid-April.


During your academic journey, you’ve spent roughly 36 weeks of classes a year (minus summer and winter session). Now, you’re eager to get through these last three months to earn that hard-earned degree in your respective field you’ve put in the work for. It’s your final lap and you’re 3/4s of the ways done. But this last stretch isn’t always the easiest. Your final spring break from undergrad was one of the quickest weeks you’ve been a part of and this is where you turn it up a notch with final exams less than a month. It’s grueling, rigorous and every other adjective to describe the last semester for college. You know how close you are to finishing school, but you know doing anything to jeopardize your grade(s) could mess it all up.  

We caught up with a few CSULB students to see where they stand on Senioritis, how to deal with it and if it’s beneficial for them down the line in the “real” world.

Are you experiencing Senioritis? If so, why?

“Somewhat. I guess I just want to get it over with already and be done.” – Breanna Perez, Psychology.

Anahi Mora, Psychology: “Yes, I am experiencing Senioritis. I did not believe in senioritis but this semester has been the worst. When I am in class I feel like I'm not as attentive as before and my GPA has dropped this past year.”

Blanca Renovato, Journalism: “My senioritis is sooo bad I might get a C in one of my classes. It's borderline lethal. I'm at the point where I'm really scared but focused to get my career started that interning is where all my energy is into right now. My classes are all design and project based so I don't even really need to show up. I have a feel for the real world and school feels like a bump in the road. Still trying to get that piece of paper though!”

Cris Rivera, Journalism

Cris Rivera, Journalism

Cris Rivera, Journalism: “Yuuuup, [I’m] definitely starting to.”

Christian Gonzalez, Journalism: “Yes, I am and I have to say it’s because of work and everything piling up.”

Maddy McCann, Journalism: “Oh totally. I find myself searching for jobs more often than doing my homework. I wish the last semester of college was focused on making connections and finding jobs, not busy work to make a grade. Grades are nice but jobs are ever better.”

What are you doing this semester (in class, for homework/projects, etc.) that you feel is different compared to the previous semesters?

BP: “This semester doesn't feel much different than others although I think I do have to write more papers than before.”

AH: “I have group projects and term papers. The fuel is definitely different. My procrastination has gone to another level. I don't feel like doing any of the work and do not find anything interesting. I think it is because school has become a routine and I dislike routines. I like trying new things and I am very spontaneous.”  

BR: “Yes, I am and I have to say it’s because of work and everything piling up.”

CR: “A bunch of big projects and/or essays that count for a good portion of the overall grade.” 

Christian Gonzalez, Journalism

Christian Gonzalez, Journalism

CG: “Taking on multiple story assignments, which is a lot to do.”

MM: “I am doing a lot less work in my classes but sometimes feel like I’m wasting my time coming. I would rather be outside doing the hands-on work.”

Do you feel cruising through the semester will be beneficial for you in the long run?

BP: “No, if I sell myself cheap right now, I'll have to make up for it later on anyway. So might as well work hard now.”

AH: “I do not feel like cruising will be beneficial. I think it is important to gain as much knowledge as possible, but senioritis has got the best of me. I try to change my habits and try to promise myself I will not miss anymore class and something always stops me from doing well.”

CR: “Short term probably not good to leave everything till last minute but I always manage to finish everything I need to so I'm not too worried.” 

CG: “Yeah, I think I have to get thorough this semester and pass all my classes in order to graduate.”

Maddy McCann, Journalism

Maddy McCann, Journalism

MM: “No, most likely not. Sometimes I find myself taking days off when I could be out working toward my career. I think I have this idea in my head that ‘real life’ will start when college ends by I always ask myself, ‘Why not start now?’ That’s my greatest weakness right now.”