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Not all on-air chemistry comes from being in the booth with your partner. Sometimes, it comes from the womb.

Twins Jacob and Zackery Handy share a lot—a knack for playful deliberation, a passion for sports, and a radio show.

“My brother and I have always had the spark for debate,” said Jacob Handy.  “We’ll honestly debate whether the sun will come up.”


The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership

In October 2017, the Handy twins had a blast creating original radio content for a class project. A few weeks later, they joined 22 West, a LBSU media company that brought together KBeach Radio, College Beat TV and the Union Weekly.

The twins walked into the broadcasting studio in the University Student Union looking for more information on how to get involved in the media outlet. The sports director, Zachary Anderson-Yoxsimer, invited them to sit in on shows.

Eventually, they were nicknamed the “Same-name, same-face” crew and became regulars on 22 West sports radio.

The Proof Is in the Sound Booth

The brothers’ mutual love for sports paired with their fast adaptation to on-air broadcasting made them great hosts for the show.

“The Handy twins excel on air—solid sports talk radio with in-depth analysis, mixed with lighthearted jabbing and teasing [of] one another,” said Anderson-Yoxzimer.

While sports broadcasting requires a unique set of skills, the brothers know that the key to success lies in every reporters’ fundamental mission: finding the story.

“It can be any game,” said Jacob.  “It can be two last-place teams, doesn’t matter, we will watch it because we know there is a storyline in there somewhere. Maybe the star player is hurt [because] expectations were high at the beginning of the season. No matter what the reason for their failures, you can still immerse yourself in that story,” he said.


Sports Talk

The trio of broadcasters for Deportes 22 know how to keep their sports talk fresh. Their secret?  They do it in Spanish.

Miguel Vargas, Diego Gomez and Gustavo Ortega are working to bring sports broadcasting to the Spanish-speaking community. Their radio show is the first at LBSU to air sports commentary in Spanish.

United by their common goal “to give something radio shows in Long Beach have lacked,” as Vargas put it, they see the program as an opportunity to share their love of sports.

“There’s nothing like being side-by-side with your buddies and working with them on something as special as [Deportes 22],” Gomez said.

For the crew, the program is more than sports reporting and fun banter.

“We eat, live, and breathe sports,” Vargas said. “Any sport, we will give you a hot take. But this show has the opportunity to do something no other show here at 22 West has ever done and really reach out to the Latino community.”

About 22 West Radio


22 West sports director Zachary Anderson- Yoxsimer gave us this rundown of what’s going on this semester at the station:


Since Long Beach State Athletics and 22 West Radio partnered, sportscasting and broadcasting opportunities have grown immensely for students on campus. Students can now apply for sports play-by-play internship spots to learn the ins and outs of sports broadcasting, studio shows, and equipment set up. This includes broadcasting Dirtbags baseball, LBSU basketball, and women’s soccer games live  or understanding the importance of studio work.


Last year in 2017, Spanish-language broadcasting was added to the lineup to give more freedom and creativity to students to pursue their sports passion and knowledge through multiple platforms. In the last year, the Spanish-language broadcasters went live on-air with ESPN Radio and took special field trips as members of the media in the professional sports world.


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