The Story Behind the Brand

By Jocelyn Ruiz


Peter Garcia, 23, grew up in Long Beach and created a brand named “Bad Influence” in 2015. He remembers wanting to start his own brand since he was in grade school.

Garcia would bring up the ideas to his friends but no one ever joined, so he decided to start on his own. He explained how “Bad Influence” represents the creative.

His first design was a drawing he made of a squirrel. He thought it would look cool and when he went to get it printed on a shirt, he instantly got inspired to continue with the brand.

Garcia used to work at a factory where he would rebuild fume injectors. He was so miserable there that he would always be thinking of ideas for new designs, things to do for his brand in order to distract him.

He came out with a design named “Gream Reaper” and he said this design was one of the first that blew up.

Garcia started going to events and parties for exposure and met many people who inspired him to keep going with “Bad Influence.” He would go see his friends perform at places like the Observatory in Orange County and go on stage to throw t-shirts with his designs at the crowd.


After this, he decided to put up a pop-up shop featuring some of his rapper friends and had free drinks, food, and a live gallery shop.

He felt more inspired than ever to get “Bad Influences” out to the world, but his life took an unexpected turn and Garcia had to leave Long Beach for personal reasons.

While he was gone, he didn’t work on the brand but he mentioned that his friends still supported him by wearing it, printing shirts for him and selling them at pop-up shops.

In February 2018 Garcia decided to come back to Long Beach and decided to go right back to working on his brand. He made a design named “Never Left” because he believes that while he was gone, “Bad Influence” never left. The people kept it alive.

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