The Worst Dates for Valentine's Day

Story By: Roslin Ojeda

Jasmin Garcia, Kinesiology major:

I met this guy at Starbucks; he worked there and asked to take me out. He picks me up and we go to pick up a drink at Starbucks and planned to go somewhere else afterwards. I didn’t notice it in the beginning but he had a breathalyzer in the car...he couldn’t get it to work and we sat there for an hour...waiting for a replacement. Oh and he ended up being a lot shorter than I remembered, I’m 5’1 he was like 5’2, and a terrible kisser. Next!

Khris Day Rogers, Psychology major:

My date picked me up and we went to see a band at a bar. Halfway through the set, he disappears. I get a text from him saying that he's in his car because his wife is there, and can I walk all the way around the parking lot so she doesn't see me getting into his car? At least he drove me home, I guess.

Larisa SimmonsHealthcare Administration major:

Junior prom. He didn't want to dance and just hung out with his friends the whole time. We also left early because he didn't want to stay. Waste of $90, hairstyling and a dress.

Jazmin Yeh, Journalism major:

An ex and I had been together for a few months and he took me to his sister's soccer game. He had briefly talked to a girl on her team a couple months before we started dating and spent the whole game pretending to not be my boyfriend so he "wouldn't hurt the other girl's feelings for choosing me over her"… like really?

Carina Quezada, Human Development major:

I was 19 and he picked me up to go eat then randomly decides to pull over to go to Target because he needed to “return “ something. We go inside and he told me to go somewhere else (in the store) because he was going to pick something nice out for me. He then calls me to meet up and without telling me anything he walks out the door and two Target employees start chasing him and accusing him of stealing. He says, “No I didn’t steal anything.” Homeboy turns around and a Polaroid camera falls from behind his jacket and he gets taken inside. I ran (literally) to the nearest store across the street and had to call for a ride home. He was high the whole time too.

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