Underrated Eats


While Long Beach has an amazing food scene, the city has a lot of affordable places sitting under the radar.


Dale’s Diner

4339 E Carson Street

Compared to most breakfast joints frequented by the younger crowd in Long Beach, Dale’s Diner is the ultimate blast from the past. The 1950’s inspired diner with a colorful and quirky interior serves everything from breakfast to dinner. From hearty omelets named after retro cars and comfort food favorites to old-fashioned malts, there’s something for everyone on the menu. The restaurant sits at the edge of a block filled with vintage and antique stores, a great place to go for a stroll or window shop before the food coma sets in.


Long Beach Creamery

4141 Long Beach Boulevard

Whisky vanilla, burnt caramel and black ring coffee. These are just some of the delicious flavors ice cream lovers can find at Long Beach Creamery. For avid ice cream lovers who are looking to try something refreshing and unique, this place is a must. Unlike larger chains, such as Afters, the majority of flavors rotate out every other week, so you never know what to expect upon your next visit. All ice creams are handcrafted with organic ingredients and made in-house; customers can easily view the industrial machinery enclosed right next to the pints.

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England Fish & Chips

2614 Pacific Avenue

It’s not everyday that you come across a restaurant that sells fried shrimps roughly the circumference of your hand. England Fish & Chips is a hidden gem in LBC and is the home to fried fish that’s worth every bang for your buck. The small restaurant sits right in the middle of a corner shopping area, but its new black and gold sign is hard to miss. Customers have a selection of different options available to them, including traditional fish and chips, fried clams and even vegetables. The portions are so large, you’ll more than likely have some leftovers.


Dave’s Burgers

3396 Atlantic Avenue

Some of the best burgers in Long Beach can be found in a red and white hut. Dave’s Burgers is a family-run business that be can be easily overlooked; it’s located in a 76 gas station parking lot. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance and the location. Once you try the food, it’s easy to get hooked. From turkey burgers to hot dogs, the food is always made to order and fresh. The only thing missing are the French fries — the hut is too small to fit a deep fryer, so grab a bag of chips instead.


Frank N Fries

3201 E Anaheim Street

One of the newest locations on this list, Frank N Fries doesn’t serve your typical hot dog. Signature items are named after notable cities (Long Beach, Chicago, New York) or after certain flavors (Hawaiian and Vietnamese). Can’t just pick one dog? The Franks Flight allows customers to pick four hot dog samples for a true taste of variety. There are daily menu specials, so if you’re in the mood for $1 sliders, Wednesday is the best day to satisfy the craving. Also, it’s one of the few places where you can grab a funnel cake outside an annual fair.