Underrated Music Gems You Might Have Missed


April may have come and gone for many, as May is already here and graduation around the corner. You may have been in too much of a rush and missed several musical releases. Don’t worry, I picked out three that will cause your ears to listen and thoroughly enjoy the music and lyrics that these artists laid out for you.

TinasheJoyride Released April 13


After many delays and struggling lead singles, Tinashe has finally released her second studio album, Joyride. Former lead singles, “Superlove, “Player,” and “Flame” are nowhere to be seen on the album, as they have been relegated to buzz track status. The album contains the same moody, chilled-out R&B that the singer is known for. The first single, “No Drama,” is a bass- hitting bop that’s perfect for blasting in your car. With the singer declaring she wants no drama in her life while bragging about the swag she brings to the scene. “Me So Bad” is the most commercial song from the album. Filled with a pulsating island dancehall rhythm the song features Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana. The album shines on the mid-tempos and slow jams. Tinashe has a sweet falsetto voice that’s reminiscent of the vocal stylings of those who she’s modeled after Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, and Ciara. All singers with the impeccability to perform complex choreography and music catering to both uptempo and slow jams. “Stuck with Me” has a hypnotizing beat that captures the listeners to immediately sing along to the catchy chorus. Featured artist, Little Dragon, has vocals that recall The Weeknd in the delivery. If you enjoy music that is chill and mellow, then listen to this album as Tinashe takes you on a musical joyride.  

Kali UchisIsolation Released April 6


It’s been six years since she first came on the scene with her mixtape Drunken Babble and three years since her EP, Por Vida, was released. Isolation marks the first studio album that Kali Uchis has released. Known for her eclectic musical style, Uchis proves that she has been largely underrated in the industry. She’s gathered large underground followings from her previous releases and her constant appearances in musical festivals. “Flight 22” is a perfect blend of doo-wop and R&B that sounds like it came from the Motown era. Her first single, “Tyrant”, is classified as an apocalyptic love song that discusses the surrounding chaos in the world but the high of being in love is too strong to even let go. “Dead To Me” is very trippy and bouncy while proclaiming that a lover who is too obsessed with her is dead to her, as she wants to forget them and move on from this relationship. The reggaeton-flavored “Nuestro Planeta” is sung completely in Spanish and has the singer craving the love between her and her lover. The Colombian-American singer includes her Latin roots throughout the album, often incorporating Spanish lyrics intertwined within her verses. If you want to discover a new artist who has incredible hip cred within the music festivals, then listen to Isolation and be prepared for a nice ear-pleasing experience.

Kylie Minogue – Golden Released April 6


The pop dance diva is back with a new album after four years from releasing her last studio album, Kiss Me Once, and two years after her Holiday album, Kylie Christmas. Minogue has described Golden as her most personal album yet, co-writing every song for the first time since her most experimental and personal album in 1997 with Impossible Princess. Themes about failed relationships, dancing, life, death, and enjoying life are distributed throughout this album. However, the inclusion of country music influences is a different territory from the dance diva. The lead single, “Dancing,” is all about removing all the obstacles in life and enjoying life by dancing and having fun. Follow-up single, “Stop Me From Falling,” continues on why Minogue is considered an LGBT Dance icon, the song includes elements of happiness and love with a danceable beat. Album highlight, “Sincerely Yours,” is a goodbye letter with lyrics detailing the moving on from losing a loved one, and was also described as a letter for the fans.Being in the music business for 30 years, Minogue has continued to thrive on incorporating themes of love within her music. After listening to her music you can’t help but dance and enjoy life.